Constitution of Australia

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  • Australia National Identity

    society as one and differentiates them with others. As Benedict Anderson suggests, a nation itself is not given but rather constructed, by the style and ties in which the communities imagined, making them believe they are connected to one another. Australia, with its Aboriginal heritage and the past of being a part of Britain and is now labelled as multicultural, may have suffered from an identity crisis. Hence, by examining the myth of Terra Nullius and the Indigenous’ continuing struggles for…

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  • The Setbacks Of Australia's Political And Legal System

    political and legal system in Australia has provided both advances and setbacks for the Indigenous Australians. There have been many setbacks for Aboriginal people in their fight for equal legal and political rights like the legislation 's, constitution, voting rights and parliamentary laws. They have also had some gradual advances from the amendments to the electoral act, the 1967 referendum and Prime Minister Whitlams actions to give land back. Early on in Australia 's history Indigenous…

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  • Role Of Pollution In Vietnam

    meaning at face value, focusing only on its first part, whereas Donald Horne meant it to be sarcastic. What he meant by this quote is that Australia has only prospered as a nation because of other countries and that the people within it have not done anything to contribute to this. He was very upset by some of Australia 's decisions such as the White Australia Policy. Many people believe that this quote is true but many people oppose it. When analysed in 5 different areas, social, historical,…

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  • Judges Make Law But Merely Interpret The Law Analysis

    possible remain functionally separate. Legislature has the legislative power which is the power to make law which in Australia lies with Federal Parliament and various State and Territory Parliaments. The law made by a parliament is called legislation, a statute, or an Act of Parliament. Executive power is the power to administer the law. It is exercised by the executive, which in Australia consists of a Prime Minister, a Premier or a Chief Minister or other ministers (within the related…

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  • Government Of Malaysia & Ors V. Loh Wai Kong Case Study

    of Government of Malaysia & Ors v Loh Wai Kong , Loh was a permanent resident of Australia. He returned to Malaysia in April 1975, and was charged with a criminal offense in the High Court at Ipoh on 2 August 1976. Loh obtained bail on condition that he surrenders his passport. On 2 March 1977, his passport expired, and Loh had it returned. He later applied for a new passport, citing the need to return to Australia by 1978, or his resident visa there would expire. The authorities rejected the…

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  • Oodgeroo Noonuccal Essay

    Indigenous people. Awarded an MBE in 1970, in 1988, five years before her death, Oodgeroo Noonuccal returned the Photo of Oodgeroo Noonuccal from Oodgeroo Unit British honour in protest at the celebration of the bicentenary of the British occupation of Australia. In 1972 she withdrew from active involvement in political organisations to live in semi‐retirement on a leasehold property, Moongalba ('sitting‐down place'), on Minjerribah. Here she established the Noonuccal‐Nughie Education and…

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  • The Westminster System And The Westminster Model Of Government

    much authority over New Zealand in regards to the exercise of power (Constitution Act 1986). Although the governor-general does hold the title as the sovereign’s representative, the amount of power they hold is rather limited in comparison to that of the Prime Minister’s (Constitution Act 1986). In common with the Westminster system, the Queen, or rather the sovereign still remains to be recognised as the head of state (Constitution Act 1986). Regardless, the most effective change is the…

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  • Australian Identity Research Paper

    Australian; if there is in indeed a ‘typical Australian’ and then analyse the role religious beliefs and practices have played in shaping the Australian identity in terms of values and social perspectives and finally assess whether our identity at risk. Australia drew on its British…

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  • Essay On Aboriginal Land Rights

    The struggle for land rights that occurred over 213 years ago has made a mark in history as one of the most racial inequality events of all time and Indigenous Australians have continued to fight for their land ever since.The first Aboriginal political organisation was formed in the 1920’s. Two of the most well known aboriginal organisations would be the Australian Aborigines League (AAL) and the Aborigines ' Progressive Association (APA). These organisations played a massive role in the…

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  • How Does Terra Nullius Affect Australian Identity

    When Australia was first founded, the constitution for the commonwealth was drafted in the spirit of “Terra Nullius”. The Latin term “Terra Nullius” translates to ‘land that belongs to no-one’ , meaning that the British settlers who came to Australia acted as if the Aboriginal people were not even there. These settlers fought and took the land from the Indigenous people of Australia. The idea and myth of terra nullius has had a large impact on Australian identity. Mainly it was to instill a…

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