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  • Causes Of Unemployment In Australia

    Introduction Australia is an amazing country, with a rich artistic, musical, and spiritual heritage. The traditions set forth by Australians are some of the oldest and strongest traditions known in history. In the late 1700’s the Australian population experienced a growth, as did their economy with the colonization of Europeans. Many Indigenous Australians were greatly affected by introduction of diseases and conflict, conflict that steamed from Europeans taking the Indigenous Australians land.…

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  • Indigenous Australian Criminal Justice System

    Indigenous Australians are grossly over-represented in the criminal justice system. However, the true extent of this over-representation differs between individual areas. Despite indigenous Australians only making up two per cent of the population, they accounted for over twenty seven per cent of the total prison population in 2014 (ABS). This high rate of imprisonment is not due to indigenous people being more likely to commit crime than other Australians, but rather indigenous Australians are…

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  • Indigenous Health Care System

    This report identifies the challenges faced by the modern health professionals in understanding the complexities of providing culturally competent Aboriginal health, physiotherapy and rehabilitation care within the Australian primary health care system. Non-Indigenous health care professionals cannot truly understand the true complexity of the past impacts of colonialism, the political process and the community’s prejudice effects on the Indigenous health status. This report intends to inspire…

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  • Social Determinants Of Health

    participation rates of young Australians have significantly dropped despite the increasing need for them to rise due to Australia’s fast aging population and decreasing workforce creating a strain on the economy and government (ABC News, 2015). Australia needs to increase participation rates of indigenous Australians, which goes hand in hand with tackling mental health issues in the community to motivate the youth to strive for better futures. Statistics show that unemployment rates were higher…

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  • Cultural Norms And Values In Curriculum Research

    In the case of Australian context, it should be noted that Australia represents a federation of eight States and Territories and, based on the constitution, they are eligible to design and implement their own curricula. However, in 2008, the Melbourne Declaration announced the development of the common national curriculum to be implemented in the each of the…

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  • Cahto Tribe

    to do to gain equal rights as everyone else. Within indigenous people, there are thousands of smaller groups within called “bands” or “tribes.” Each tribe is different from one another, tribes vary in location from North America, all the way to Australia. Tribes all have a chief to help control the tribe, although every tribe chief is different and have their own set of rules. The Cahto are one of the thousands different indigenous group is in this world. Cahto are specifically an indigenous…

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  • Commonwealth Bank Of Australia Case Study

    Commonwealth bank of Australia was founded back in 1911 by the commonwealth bank act that was in favour of bank nationalization. The bank started its first branch in 1912 in Melbourne and later joint hands with the state savings bank in Tasmania and a year later it was able to spread its branches in six different states. After 1920 the bank gradually expanded its role in central banking and along with time continued expanding and earning a good reputation in the market (Australia, 2014).…

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  • This Country A Reconciled Republic

    by Aboriginal leaders because Howard did not consult them to draft it. McKenna highlights the impact of the Mabo decision on the republican movement. Indeed, the Mabo decision shattered “the spirit of Terra Nullius” drafted in the Australian Constitution and appealed for constitutional reform which would acknowledge the Aboriginal people and reveal the new reality of the Australian society. As McKenna wrote, “At the 1998 Constitutional Convention, the preamble would become the only…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Curriculum

    Developed by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority, the Australian Curriculum provides Australian students with a world-class education comprising of the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for life and work in the twenty-first-century. The primary goal of the Australian Curriculum is to foster students’ confidence and creativity, strengthening their love of learning and development into active and informed citizens (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and…

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  • The Stereotypes Of Aboriginal People

    Aboriginalities essay “How have settler constructions of aboriginal people affected aboriginal peoples?” The settler voice towards aboriginal peoples, has ingrained constructs i.e. stereotypes, into society. These stereotypes have inflicted harm and severely affected aboriginal people throughout history and to this day, but in what ways and through which medians do these coloniser interpretations express themselves in society? And what are the responses of the aboriginal peoples who are…

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