Constitution of Australia

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  • The Rabbit Proof Fence

    Australia is a melting pot of numerous cultures, built on the backs of hard workers from several ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. However, for the majority of its history, Australia has done its level best to wipe out, both figuratively and literally, all traces of non-British influence. From colonial invasion to the White Australia policy to the Stolen Generation, the culture that has been oppressed, harassed and victimized more than any other is the one that boasts the most ancient…

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  • Impact Of World Migration And The Global Economy

    to a healthy ecosystem, we can see that more animals do eat more food but they also spread the seeds of plants, create fertile soil and grow that plot of land in ways it couldn’t have without their help. Countries have very similar trends. When Australia lifted its laws regarding immigration they saw increased GDP growth (The Changing Face of Modern…

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  • Coastal Refugees Essay

    However, it seems to be a violation of the principle of non-refoulement. Australia redirected the vessel and refused to carry out a preliminary screening of the persons on board the Tampa, which constitutes a refoulement. The passengers had intended to enter Australia and in so being the first country of arrival, it fell upon it give temporary refuge and preliminary screening. Later on, it could have transferred the refugees…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Stan Grant's Speech

    The given extract is a speech delivered by Stan Grant on Racism and Australian dream in 2016 at Ethics Centre, Sydney, Australia. He primarily targets the audience belonging to Australia. With the use sarcastic and confronting tone speaker expresses his disappointment and serve his purpose to inform the audience about the historical brutality suffered by the aborigines with the use rhetorical questions, anaphora, and juxtaposition. Stan Grant at the start of his speech uses rhetorical question…

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  • Sally Morgan My Place Analysis

    publication and Morgan has established herself as a voice for the indigenous Australians though My Place. It successfully shifts the focus of the history of Australia from being solely about ‘the white man’ and also brings in a place for the aboriginals. In Australia the term ‘aboriginal’ refers to their indigenous population who existed in Australia prior to European colonization. Legally it is a three part definition referring to aboriginal people as – of aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander…

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  • Tourism In Dubai Case Study

    1. Background 50 years ago, Dubai was a small village on the sea side of the United Arab Emiratis surrounded by deserts. People used different animals to travel such camels, horses and on foot, resources were scarce and less availability of water. People in Dubai were depending on pearl diving and fishing for a living, the sea was the main source of living. But in the past 20 years, Dubai had developed rapidly, from a small city it because of a luxury destination with a variety of attractions…

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  • Digital Literacy In Computer Education

    Introduction The development of digital literacy has become the key requirement for people to be successful in today’s globalised world. The past decades have proved that there is a definite need for Computer Science (CS) and computational thinking to be taught and integrated into any school’s curricula (K. Falkner, Vivian, & N. Falkner, 2014). The already obtained results cannot be considered as highly expected since “schools are failing to provide students with access to the key academic…

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  • Capital Punishment Australia

    will not be comparing Australia to the United States as they maintain a different governmental system and the contrasting gun laws make an accurate comparison difficult. I will also be referring to statistical information in regards to homicide as it is the most commonly regarded crime in relation to capital punishment. An annual study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (1994-2015), reflected in figure one, has highlighted a decrease in homicidal rates throughout Australia. It is important…

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  • Masterchef's Argumentative Analysis

    Nevertheless, even though they all have their own distinct techniques, traditions, and aesthetics the outcome is the same—to find the next “MasterChef.” MasterChef has become extremely popular particularly in two countries: the United States and Australia. Though, the US version is loosely…

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  • Safe Third Country Argument Essay

    In 2004, Canada and the United States implemented the Safe Third Country Agreement – a bilateral agreement modeled after the (then) Dublin Convention of the European Union (Macklin, 2005; Arbel, 2013). As a vital bilateral agreement between Canada and the United States, has the Safe Third Country Agreement caused more harmful implications surrounding refugee claimants than beneficial? Indeed, the Safe Third Country Agreement has caused adverse implications for refugee claimants, as a multitude…

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