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  • Australia Footwear Industry Analysis

    landscape for the activewear market in Australia is similar to the United States, with the exception of a few Australian brands holding some of the market. Because of their brand awareness, global brands such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Lululemon and Reebok hold a large share of the market in the cross-training footwear and apparel market, although, there are a few Australian activewear brands that are quite popular in Australia. In 2015, Nike Australia was the leading brand in sportswear…

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  • Importance Of Fynbos Biome

    the most significant alien invaders that influence the biome negatively are Hakea gibbosa and Hakea serica. These plants were introduced in the 1830’s from Australia. They form massive monospecific stands, which ultimately replaces indigenous species found in the biome. Acacia cyclops and Acacia saligna are both invader plants from Australia that was introduced in the late 19th century to stabilise shifting sand on the Cape flats. It can either be trees or small shrubs and thus eliminates the…

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  • Essay On Asylum Seekers

    Australia uses approximately $4 billion every year to evade their overall responsibility specified under the Refugees Convention. Australia wishes to be considered as being one of the most civilized nations in the world, therefore, when some of the people at the shores are crying for help, they are taken into consideration and offered help in terms of security, food and place to stay. For many years, the asylum seekers in Australia have been treated badly even worse compared to an animal and…

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  • Sydney Opera House Essay

    The two largest theatres, the Opera Theatre and Concert Hall reside in the two larger ‘shells’ of the building. The three smaller sized theatres, the Drama Theatre, Playhouse and Studio are located on the western side of the building with the Utzon room on the eastern side. The forecourt, which is used for most community event and large scale outside performances, is located outside the building towards the back. The concert hall is the largest with 2678 seats and is home of the Sydney Symphony.…

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  • Aboriginal And Strait Islander People Case Study

    experienced situations that have completely disregarded their basic human rights before they received their rightful title. This essay will look at the history/ background of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in regards to their rights within Australia, analyse certain ethical issues that have occurred when dealing with their rights, outline the legislation and policies that form the basis for their rights and discuss current issues that Indigenous people face today referring to their…

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  • Australia Day Poem

    what’s it’s like being an Australian. The first poem is an incredible poem written perfectly and changes the way you see an Australian after you read it. It is so perfect because of its way it uses alliteration and rhythm. Why we don’t celebrate Australia day is the name of this poem and it Cleary sends a message to Australians that remember a time of pain, killing and death. As he shows us that…

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  • Savagery And Civilisation In The Novel Of Grenville

    Savagery and civilisation play a major role in the interpretation of the novel; the treatment of the Aboriginal people is what draws the line between savagery and civilisation. Grenville depicts civilisation through Blackwood’s character. His lifestyle, family and land differ from the rest of the settlers enhancing the curiosity of the reader about Blackwood. On the other hand, savagery is pronounced by Smasher Sullivan, Blackwood’s opposing character. Smasher’s treatment towards the…

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  • Peter Weir's Film Gallipoli

    In the year 1981 Peter Weir created a movie named Gallipoli, which was based around the major invasion of Gallipoli involving Australia in world war one. The two main characters Archy Hamilton (Mark Lee) and Frank Dunne (Mel Gibson) have an unbreakable mateship, which remains strong even through times of pain and doubt they were still best mates. Mateship is shown everywhere through you the movie but it firsts starts at the ‘Kimberly Gift’ where these two men first met each other. After the…

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  • Molecular Mixology Essay

    Topic: Mixologist Kinsey Johnson of Viscosity Bar Australia What you need to know about Molecular Mixology Have you heard about Molecular mixology? My thought is as good as yours. You haven’t. So what is molecular mixology? Simply put, it is the act of producing cocktails through the use of some equipment and techniques of molecular gastronomy. It involves the creation of different varieties of flavor, combination of flavors and the presentation of drinks in different ways. This mixing affects…

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  • Risk Factors For Coronary Heart Disease

    the heart muscle, due to the deposition of lipid material [1]. The risk factors affecting the prevalence of CHD within Australians today are presented in Figure 1. Figure 1: The risk factors affecting the prevalence of Coronary Heart Disease in Australia (extracted from [2] and [3]) Modifiable Risk Factors Non-Modifiable Risk Factors Diet, containing saturated fat and salt Increasing age Hyperlipidemia Gender Excessive alcohol and tobacco use Family history Psychological stress Heredity …

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