Lara Bingle Quality Television

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This essay will explore the term quality television by analyzing two popular Australian television programs. Quality television is a term used to describe a program in relation to subject matter, style, or content. The current affairs program 60 minutes is of a higher quality than the reality program Being Lara Bingle. The concept of quality television is argued in relation to these two Australian series. Elements including representations, audiences and institutions will be examined to determine the definition quality television.
Thomas (2002) says of quality television: “A quality series enlightens, enriches challenges, involves, and confronts. It dares to take risks, it’s honest and illuminating and it appeals to the intellect and touches the emotions. It requires concentration and attention, and it provokes thought.”
Being Lara Bingle is a reality television program about celebrity fashion model and media sensation Lara Bingle. The style of the program is observational as it gives its viewers
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Audiences are spectators or listeners assembled at a performance, or attracted by a radio or television program (Stewart and Kowaltzke, 2008, p.147). The audience for Being Lara Bingle are people who are celebrity obsessed or obsessed with fame. People are attracted to the television series as it promises and exclusive inside scoop of Lara’s life. However, they are actually being conned by the producers who are over-exaggerating her life to make it more appealing to audiences and increase the show’s ratings. On the other hand, 60 minutes is one of the most highly rated shows on channel nine as the advertisements of stories are attractive and engaging therefore pulling in people to watch the program. 60 minutes have higher ratings than Being Lara Bingle because people are more interested in the factual current affairs stories that discuss uprising issues in our

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