Multiculturalism And Social Justice Essay

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Second, following the relationship between multiculturalism and social justice, Moran's piece shows that there is the need for multiculturalism to improve justice. Australia was a different society before the integration of multiculturalism. Racism and other forms of discrimination were still lurking in the society, but today, Australia is one of the regions that has improved regarding race, cultural, background and ethnic acceptable. Today, the Australian people are treated equally regardless of their race, language, ethnicity, religion, background and many other elements. Before the integration of the multicultural ideas, immigrants and other individuals that were considered as a minority group would miss various opportunities because of …show more content…
For instance, Geoffrey Blainey, a prominent historian once said that multiculturalism does more harm than good because it leads to ethnic misunderstandings (Murphy, 2013). According to Blainey, multiculturalism makes people want to prove that their tribes or ethnicities are better than others. Multiculturalism causes ethnic competition instead of multicultural acceptance. In yet another instance in the year 1988, John Howard, the opposition leader at that particular time in Australia said that the multiculturalism policy is weak, divisive and should be changed (Marr, 2017). While Moran thinks that multiculturalism is the foundation of unity, others see it as the root of divisiveness among the Australian people.

According to my understanding about Anthony's idea of multiculturalism in Australia, his piece is clearly intended at revealing the importance of multiculturalism by using the growth of Australia as a perfect example. Anthony does not only state the significance of multiculturalism but also the controversies it causes and the answer to the said debates. The strengths of multiculturalism overweigh its weakness to a more significant extent. Moran defines and discusses multiculturalism in a manner that people see its essentialism rather than the

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