Constitution of Australia

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  • The Italian's Chain Migration

    War two. This period saw some six million migrants arrive in Australia. These migrations however, were affected greatly by race biased policies. These policies included the white Australia policy and government assisted schemes aiming at create a white Australia. The ‘White Australia’ attitude however, was not abolished with the policy in 1965, altering modern Australia’s populous and national identity. Post world War two, Australia was in a state of devastation, having lost…

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  • Australia's Geography

    Australia is in the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean. It is composed of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and the overseas territories. Australia is in the southern hemisphere. Australia is located off the southeast coast of Asia, next to Russia, Canada, China, the United States, and Brazil. Its land is as large as about four-fifths of China. The coastline of 3,700 km has the Pacific Ocean to the East and the Indian Ocean to the West. It is also the only exclusive city state in…

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  • Australian Response To The First World War Analysis

    as deeply supportive and in favour of the commitment to enter the conflict. The newspapers and the actions of many men and women as war broke out, displayed that a patriotic front was present among Australians. Carl Bridge is of the opinion that Australia was highly motivated and unanimously supportive towards the war. Other historians, such as Eric Andrews, however, are not convinced that there was unanimous support among the Australian people in response to the war, despite the positive front…

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  • Homelessness In Australia Essay

    Every day in states across the Australia, homeless women, men and children walk the streets, often begging for money, carrying plastic bags or pushing shopping carts filled with what little personal possessions they own. It is hard to comprehend that in a country as affluent as Australia there is such a large amount of people in the community who do not have homes. But over the last couple of decade’s homelessness and poverty has become a serious issue in recent years due to the increase in…

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  • Australia Future Superpower

    Australia: A Future Superpower The smallest continent halfway across the world from its political allies is setting its place in the world. Through its strong economy and military position Australia is an ever growing superpower. Australia 's diverse environment provides a wide variety of resources that protect them from foreign dependence. The 6th largest country in the world has an economic growth of 3% annually. Australia is a primary member of the leading military alliance on the planet…

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  • Case Study Of Porter's Five Forces Model At The University Of Melbourne

    University of Melbourne – Porters Five Forces 1853 When the University of Melbourne (UoM) was established in 1853, there was only one other competitor in Australia, the University of Sydney . However due to the geographical distance between these two competitors, they appealed to different markets, Victorians and New South Welshmen. Hence rivalry within the industry was nonexistent. Therefore rivalry among existing competitors was a minimal force and did not affect tertiary education in 1853.…

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  • Effects Of Securitization On Asylum Seekers

    The securitization of Asylum Seekers by Australia Orin Troyer Introduction By the conclusion of 2014, in accordance to reports of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) there are approximately 59.5 million displaced people globally as a result of conflict, violence, environmental degradation and human rights violations. Of these, approximately 19.5 million are classified as an asylum seeker or refugee collectively. A refugee is a person who is unable or unwilling to…

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  • Indigenous Health Practices

    ANNOTED BIBLIOGRAPY - Relationships between culture, healthcare and health outcomes Reading 1 reference Hampton, R. and Toombs, M. (2013). Chapter 2: Racism, colonisation/colonialism and impacts on Indigenous people. In Indigenous Australians and health. Oxford University Press: South Melbourne This text outlines Australia’s historical colonial dominance and identifies colonialism direct impact on Indigenous health and culture. The chapter provides a good summary of Australia’s history from an…

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  • Headspace And Mental Health Essay

    Mental health is a state of wellbeing where every individual realises their potential, the ability to cope with the stress of life and can work productively (Who, 2016). In Australia headspace is the National Youth Mental Health Foundation designed to provide early intervention providing early intervention mental health services to 12-25 year olds (Headspace, 2016). This has prompted Professor Anthony Jorm to write for The Conversation, Is headspace really improving young people mental health?…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Occasion Destination

    The Perfect Gold Coast Holiday Accommodation Finding the right Gold Coast occasion settlement will guarantee that you have an occasion to recollect. Arranging a trek to Australia's dazzling Coast? Who wouldn't be enticed by a destination that offers the world's most excellent shorelines, best surfing conditions, splendid night life and also a lot of family-accommodating fun? Australia's Gold Coast is a most loved of local people, as well as of explorers around the world. As it is such a…

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