Constitution of Australia

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  • Should The Federal Government Protect The Environment

    Introduction Thank you and good morning Madame speaker, The Federal government should have specific powers under the Australian constitution to legislate for the environment. This is necessary to achieve environmental protection whilst improving the environmental performance. The evolution of environmental laws has corresponded with refining of the collective environmental concerns and values. Previously in the past, the way the law has protected the environment was completely evident. The…

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  • Noel Pearson The Light On The Hill Analysis

    From the first English arrivals in Australia, the Aboriginal people have lived in the shadow in their own country, with many issues that have not been resolved yet. Noel Pearson is one of the country´s most respected Aboriginal leaders and impressive intellects and powerful orators in Australia. He is a popular defender for Aboriginal rights, especially Aboriginal land. He has changed the approach to welfare, child abuse, child protection, education and economic development. In 2007, together…

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  • Essay On Discrimination In Australia

    effort to achieve equity, and cease the discrimination. While there are many countries around the globe that have been involved with such discrimination, two fascinating examples to compare and contrast are Australia and the Aboriginal Australians, and New…

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  • The Mabo Case Analysis

    still at a disadvantage in our society, as a matter of fact, they rate as among the most disadvantaged peoples in Australia; so how much of society’s attitudes have really changed? The treatment of the ATSI people is a part of what has shaped contemporary Australia today, our behaviour and actions towards Aboriginal…

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  • Arguments Against Refugees In Australia

    return. Australia has signed and ratified the Refugee Convention with the intent to implement the legislation and policy that is required in order to support those who are dislocated from their home country due to the treat of persecution. This policy and legislation is implemented in Australia through the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) (Roadstorefuge, 2015). With the help of programs such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees governments, nations such as Australia, guarantee…

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  • Separation Of Power In Australia

    The county of Australia is a large island located in the Indian Ocean between Asia and the US. Slightly smaller than the US’s lower 48 states, Australia’s 2.97 million square miles of land are primarily split up into four major geographic regions; the Coastal Plains, the Eastern Highlands, the Central Lowlands and the Western Plateau (United). Most of Australia’s terrain is considered low, flat, and desert-like. However, there are mountain ranges and highlands that stretch across the country…

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  • Essay On Australia's System Of Government

    Australia has a unique system of government which, while similar in some respects to the United States of America (USA), is quite different in important areas. In the follow paper I argue that while in certain areas the President of the USA carries greater powers than that of an Australian Prime Minister, in some important categories he or she does not. I argue that the separation of powers are a critical constitutional restriction on the President which does not similarly hamstring the Prime…

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  • Essay On Reconciliation In Australia

    Since the British colonization of Australia, the basic rights of indigenous Australian, including the land rights were despised, or even violated, by British settlements in many ways. Although the government’s policies have started to change from 1960s in order to protect human rights of indigenous people, the questions of reconciliation between them and Australian government have not been solved by now. In this essay, I will clarify Australia’s effort to make the reconciliation with indigenous…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Australia Day

    completely disrupted a way of life that had been undisturbed for 50,000 years. The date of Australia Day is a disrespectful celebration towards aboriginal Australians. Firstly, the meaning of the celebration is disrespectful to aboriginals and the date should be changed or the meaning of celebration reconsidered. It is one thing to acknowledge the fact of invasion; it is quite another to celebrate it. Australia reveres its fallen warriors at Gallipoli nearly 100 years ago with monuments and…

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  • The Role Of Democracy In Australia

    Australia is a democracy; however this exists in name only. Democracy means that representatives elected by the people act on behalf of the people to promote and protect their human rights and wellbeing. When governments and individuals are able to self- impose regulations and laws on the people without due consideration or consultation, then democracy has failed. The Prime Minister, the federal and state governments are guilty on self-imposing laws onto the Australian people which negate their…

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