Aboriginal Australians Case Study

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The Torres Strait Islander; Aboriginal Australians who were considered to be the first people inhabitating in Australia before any other group of people dated around 40000 years ago [citation needed].Though Aboriginal Australians were the first people residing in Australia they had to face difficulties regarding their socio-cultural aspects, Cultural aspects, Health aspects and there has been a threat to their existence too. They were supposedly living on their own by showing their hunting skill and searching to feed themselves and their family. But after the sudden colonization of British government they were forcefully living under the government rules and regulations despite being the first Australians residing on the land. After colonization …show more content…
Despite the formulation of the new laws in the country we can still see the view of biasness and tensed environment between the white peoples and aboriginal Australians. Health practitioners are government appointed people whose work is to serve the generals who need the medical assistance. They are supposed to work for all Australians including the first peoples. The health practitioners really need to maintain the mutual understanding between the aboriginal patients and themselves so that they can deeply analyse their medical history in order to treat them. Sense of equality should be developed where the HP need to equally treat their patients no matters whether they are aboriginal Australians or other Australians. Sometimes the gentle soft natured tone shown to them works to treat them. As of now with soft gentle voice the practitioners should try to build confidence in the aboriginal Australians so that they can talk freely with others. A sense of confidence can help them to live a prosperous life. When aboriginal Australians are approached in a positive way then only the sense of trust and responsibility can be build between the first Australians and rest of the Australian individuals as well as Australian

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