Essay On Aboriginal Substance Abuse

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Substance abuse among Indigenous Australians has been in on a constant increase over the years and are 2.5 times more likely to smoke daily than non-Indigenous people, and 1.6 times more likely to use any other illicit drugs compared to non-Indigenous Australians ( 2014). To counteract these statistics there are many rehabilitation programs that directly and exclusively assist Aboriginal Australians in their restoration to quality of living.

As said by Karen Sheldon (The CEO of Karen Sheldon Training and Development), the most common personality that is seeking rehabilitation are “displaced and depressed people”. “Low self-esteem” is also a common characteristic in the Australians who are struggling with substance abuse. The little value these people have for their own lives directly affects the way in which they treat their bodies. “In areas of generational poverty”,
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It is thought that “if a person works for six months or more” their living pattern will alter enough for work to become a standard way of life for the individual. Many programs also strive to diminish the stereotypes of Aboriginal Australians being ‘lazy’ and not interested in contributing to society, it is however the environment they live in with poverty and unemployment being the norm. “Many have never even been exposed to a family member with a work history”. Every program has different success rate in rehabilitating individuals but in relation to the Future Stars program they have assisted “more than 2000 participants move along the continuum towards a working future” and more than 1300 are now sustaining long term employment and career development. The success of these programs continues to grow as previous individuals that have succeeded speak to people who are thinking about or new to the

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