Utopian Ideal For Indigenous Health

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Activity: connection to country
Read the ABC online article: utopian ideal for Indigenous health?
What ‘connection to country’ strategies could you implement in?
a. An inner-city drug and alcohol recovery centre-

Drug and Alcohol recovery centre is an essential intervention in an inner city as, data shows the percentage of indigenous people using abused drugs and alcohol is high when comparing with other Australians. But the Geographical area, where this inner-city drug and alcohol recovery centre is situated is highly concerned in determining the strategies. According to Utopian ideal for Indigenous health, it is obvious that, the well-being of indigenous people depend on not only by providing all the necessary health care facilities
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Therefore, the best strategy is to understand the values and cultural practices of each family and facilitate those families to attain better health outcome within their own cultural context. The strategies focusing on involvement of family on decision making process is very effective in such circumstances. Following a careful root cause analysis their problems can be identified and strategies can be planned …show more content…
Any culture is not superior or inferior to others.
If I got another opportunity, I will definitely avoid cultural bias, will treat her as similar as others, will help her to go up the ladder and achieve her goals.
c. How will you lessen the effect of cultural bias in your service delivery?
Cultural bias is taking one’s own culture as superior and treating other’s cultures inferior. That imagination leads to lot of discriminations especially in dealing with indigenous clients. Therefore, I will try to learn to minimize cultural bias when dealing with multicultural clients as I get more experience and knowledge on that subject. I will try to handle them in their own way which lead them feel better. As an enrolled nurse I will learn more on my clients back grounds and cultural facts to avoid cultural bias and will provide a quality care for

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