Native American Addiction

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Native Americans with Addiction Counseling
Native Americans have a difficult time with past, present and future. They have been mistreated and misunderstood. Native Americans till this day have a hard time, as a young man or women growing up as a Native American. They have only two choices for their lives, to live on the reservation with their tribes or abandoned their heritage and choose to live amongst the populations of the United States.
The Native American population has decline for many years. Research reviles the population declines due to disease, addiction, and intergrading with other cultures. In today’s age, there’s thirty-three tribes in united states, and only one third of Native Americans still live in tribes. Those on the reservations
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When put in law in place stop high conception this addiction causing object, we are allowing those to education themselves on why we need to monitor our amount. Educate the younger generation about addiction and problems they may face as they get older. Show the younger generation other forms of help they can get, and how easy it to make the right choose compared to the wrong chooses.
When it comes to Native Americans they have low education value. This is possible due to how they believe their past has been told or how their family stores have been told by other. Native Americans have challenges the way American history has been portrayed. This is possibility why Native Americans have a high dropout rate. They feel like there is no point in finish education due to all the lies they believe that are being told about their families and history.
No one real knows what happened during the time of Columbus, all we do know is the story that have been told. Native Americans need to be informed that not get an education stop you from developing and stop you from furthering their personal self-worth. Allowing yourself to stop growing and learning is allowing those naysayers have control over them. They are allowing the stereotypes challenge Native Americans possibilities, future, and the opportunities they can become something
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when we allow those people to influence a group of people in to fear of challenging or the unknow they are controlling them. The Native Americans have fought so hard to be considered who they are and they have fought so hard for their land. They need to understand that every person at one point in history have face the same challenge they have face, they have either overcome through the rough times. Not allowing their past to dictate their future or their children future. We all want the best for our children, but why? because we do not want them to relive our mistakes and be able to say they excited our own

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