Reflection On Developing Knowledge And Skills To Work Effectively With Indigenous Australians

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The aim of the course is to develop knowledge and skills to work effectively with Indigenous Australians in the field of psychology. In order to do so, we need to explore concepts of culture, identity, belonging, cultural positioning, and social and emotional wellbeing. The majority of work in this course will be examining self and developing an understanding of one’s own learning needs.

Individual Learning Outcomes

Setting your own Learning Outcomes:

Consider your knowledge of “culture” in general (that being your own culture and others), and your knowledge and perception of Indigenous Australians (and be honest!).

This is a time to look more broadly at the course Learning Outcomes (please see below) and consider your own personal needs in terms of knowledge you would like to acquire and develop
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1. Psychologists started to become aware of indigenous mental health issues and what was impacting it, (Clay, 2002)___________________________________________________________________
2. Indigenous Australians began to receive psychological training and started a program to make better use of the mental health services made to help them, (Clay, 2002)._____________________
3. External psychologists started to realize that their profession of being a psychologist had racial attitudes, and they wanted to fix this, (Clay, 2002). _______________________________________

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7) Why did psychologists seemingly “get absolutely nowhere” when attempting to treat an Indigenous person in practice?

1. Psychologists who have no professional experience with Indigenous Australians may try to treat the patients in a psychiatric ward because, “all they’ve ever been taught is the western model”,

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