Constitution of Australia

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  • Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Essay

    The National Museum of Australia (2014) report on the freedom rides stated that the activists received comments from the Australian public that they should “look to their own back yard if they wanted to draw attention to racial discrimination”. In 1964 a group of students from the…

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  • Social Inequality In Australia

    Disadvantaged groups such as the native indigenous people of Australia, are one of the most targeted communities of injustice. Stratification can arise throughout preceding generations of families, thereby, enduring social inequality. The Australian courts and constitution are two key factors which influence the rights given to people. In this essay I will examine the lack rights that the Indigenous people have in Australia, through the constitution and cases. I will also seek to critically…

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  • 2016 Federal Election Campaign Analysis

    through thee span of years Australia has taken measures to address the issues faced by the Aboriginal Community, The year 2016 Federal election campaign has been able to address the issues until certain extent. The essay critically looks at the history and the present issues faced by the Indigenous Australian Community and how has 2016 Federal election campaign has been able to address the issues of the present. In the year 1770 Lieutenant James Cook first arrived to Australia at the shores of…

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  • Importance Of Australian Law

    people of australia still feel today while acknowledging the praiseworthy efforts to make change. Despite the poor history of the australian law it is ever revolutionising and we should not disregard its value in its current state. We must turn the page on our country 's past and move on making positive changes to the law that underpins the needs of everyone. While there are laws in place that protect human rights and anti discrimination at current…

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  • Land Rights In Australia Essay

    1972: The Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra is started on Australia Day due to land rights claims. 1984: The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Act is Passed. 1981: A land rights conference is held at James Cook University where Eddie Mabo makes a speech outlining the land ownership and inheritance system on Murray Island. A lawyer at the conference suggests there should be a test case on claiming land rights through the court system. 1981: A land rights conference is held at…

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  • Adam Goodes Year Acceptance Speech

    An Adnyamathanha and Norungga man born in Wallaroo South Australia, an inspirational captain to both the Australian public/Australian Indigenous community and the Sydney Swans…the definition of a true leader. Adam Goodes is an ex-AFL player whose legacy will live eternally, both on and off the field, regarded as an absolute all-time great of Australia’s game. A four time All Australian, two time Brownlow medal winner, not to mention the two premierships to his name, it’s fair to say he was…

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  • Aboriginal Civil Rights Movement Essay

    1901 the white Australia policy excluded indigenous Australians from the vote and pensions. The roots of this policy can be seen all the way back in 1850 with the white miner 's hatred to the Chinese…

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  • How Did War Affect Australia During Ww1

    The Premier’s ANZAC Essay Australian communities reacted to wartime pressures in divisive responses that caused disagreements in Australia. Wartime pressures are the influence or effect that war has on something or someone. Although some wartime pressures resulted in the uniting of Australian communities, the majority of these pressures caused Australian communities to separate such as the amount of death and casualties, the economy changing, war weariness and the Easter uprising. During World…

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  • Judicial System In Australia

    out based on the code of law. Since every country is governed by its own set of laws and rules, due process for such criminal acts will not have the same punishment or consequences like those here in the United States. As such, the country of Australia will be analyzed in order to understand how the judicial system and the application of criminal responsibility work. The Australian legal system is based upon the fundamental belief of the rule of law, justice, and independence of the judiciary…

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  • Indigenous Exceptionalism Analysis

    The exclusion of Indigenous people from the nations constitution took place in the early nineteenth century. Henry Parkes the premier of the colony of New South Wales called for all six Australian colonies to unite and create a great national government for ALL of Australia. Parkes initiated a constitution based on common racial and British custom on which this nation was supposedly founded. Throughout her speech “Indigenous Exceptionalism and the Constitutional ‘Race Power’ Marcia Langton…

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