Difference Between Civil Rights And Land Rights In Australia

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What is the difference between Civil Rights and Land Rights in Australia between 1960 and 1980? 1. What argument does the source make? (if you are having trouble with this question, try breaking it down into two separate questions: What is the source about, and what does it say about its subject?)

A. Source A, explores post the 1967 Referendum, in terms of addressing the misconceptions and generalisations that have been produced by scholars, the media and journalists, of whom have highlighted the success of the referendum falsely. Particularly, false emphasis of the change (before and after the referendum), results of, ‘full-citizenship’ for Aboriginals, equality in Australia, as well as, Aboriginals also gaining full right to vote. In this text, Attwood and Markus, critically change these ideas and generalisations by stressing that the significance of the referendum to be renowned through the sponsors and other individuals who have contributed to the success of the vote. Furthermore, Attwood and Markus argue that Indigenous Aboriginals have been snubbed by the Australian polity, as a result of individuals making reference to Australia’s racist past, a factor which was more so highlighted after the Referendum.

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This chapter further discusses, the effect of the 1967 referendum and how it influenced and contributed to a change of politics, ideals and ideas. Furthermore, this chapter draws on both Aboriginal and Australian perspectives to present the differences in thought, the significance of the referendum, and post events too both cultural communities. As well as, the Aboriginal perspective of the ideas generated by the Australian public and the analysis of these ideas and how they effect social hierarchy and organisation, and political opinion within a domestic

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