Racism Is Destroying The Australian Dream Speech Analysis

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The article centres around Stan Grant’s debate during the IQ2 debate series held by the Ethics Centre in Sydney. The Indigenous journalist delivered an impactful and bold viral speech about the topic, "Racism is destroying the Australian Dream” sending ripples across the globe. One of the main points highlighted in the article is that the widespread racism in Australia is shattering the Australian dream. This is supported by the incident in which Adam Goodes, a prominent Indigenous Australian rules footballer was booed on the pitch and told that “he wasn’t Australian”. At that moment, Stan Grant claims to have heard the howl of the Australian Dream, telling the Indigenous people that they were not welcome in Australia, a land they called home. …show more content…
It quotes many of Stan Grant’s impactful sentences and criticisms towards the Australian dream and provides insight on the public response towards this viral debate. Furthermore, the article highlights various instances of discrimination and injustice towards indigenous people, ending it with a strong quote from Stan Grant’s speech: "The Australian dream. We are better than this."

Moreover, the article also highlights various key points of Stan Grant’s speech, emphasising the explosive impact it has brought not only to Australians but also people across the globe. This is evident in the number of views his speech has gained on Facebook and YouTube as well as positive response given through social media such as Twitter. For instance, Stan Grant’s speech has earned the praise of many including Mike Carlton who likened his speech to that of Martin Luther King Jr. Finally, the article raised a few questions that would leave the readers deep in thought.
“Who are
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It also raises the question of racism and whether it will ever be truly eradicated from society or if it will continue to threaten the harmony and unity of Australians. The article has brought forth a topic that has remained unanswered in Australian society. However, some Australians continue to view this topic as a never-ending debate, insisting that it is time to move on. There will only ever be a change if all the people are able to overcome their differences and unite to stand up against racism. Without change the Australian dream will only grow closer and closer to the brink of

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