How Did US Civil Rights Influence Aboriginal Activism In Australia?

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The US Civil Rights movement has greatly influenced the Aboriginal activism in Australia through many ways that intrigued the world. The US Civil Rights involved many critical events and people that aimed to end racial segregation towards the black community amongst many parts of the US. Various individuals of the black community within the United States and Australia have been oppressed by the lack of rules/laws to protect them from racial discrimination.

There are many events in the US that influenced Aboriginal Activism, such as the Martin Luther King ‘I Have A Dream’ Speech in 1963 and the US Freedom Rides in 1961, which both promoted the end of racism and inequality. A Freedom Ride is a ride in which activists try to bring light to certain subjects by traveling around parts of the world. This
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Similar to this movement, Australia first did this in 1966 when a group of students from Sydney University decided to ride a bus and travel around different parts of New South Wales, in hopes to bring attention to how poorly Aborigines lived under Australian Laws. Aboriginal activists have many similarities and affiliations with the US Civil Rights movement. Much alike in the US, these activists prompted the aboriginal community to become aware of their rights and privileges, and other aspects of life they are entitled to. A famous figure, Charles Perkins, stopped his career from being a football player to fight for Indigenous rights in Australia. He became an activist and president for the Student Action for the Aborigines group, which led freedom rides across Australia. These rides raised awareness amongst

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