Lie detection

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  • Howard Pyle's The Merry Adventures Of Great Renown In

    protagonist Ron Woodroof smuggles experimental pharmaceutical drugs across the Mexican Border to distribute amongst fellow AIDS patients. Facing opposition by the Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.), Woodroof attempts to treat their symptoms under the detection of the law. Despite his disregard for the law, Woodroof’s intention is to help AIDS patients who otherwise did not have access to potential treatments, thus reflecting the “Robin Hood”…

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  • There Should Not Be A Death Penalty

    death penalty and homicide rates. The study concluded: “.. Research has failed to provide scientific proof that executions have a greater deterrent effect than life imprisonment… The key to real and true deterrence is to increase the likelihood of detection, arrest and conviction (“Arguments against”).” This study proves that taking away human rights is not justifiable by improving our…

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  • Police Corruption In Thomas Grisham's The Innocent Man

    for police and detectives to convict the wrong person. According to chapter 5 in the textbook, the new technological advancements include a new software called data mining which identifies crime patterns and links them to suspects, Enclosed Space Detection Systems (ESDS) which can determine if there’s a person in the trunk of a vehicle, thermal imagers, high-definition surveys (HDS) which creates a virtual crime scene and allows the investigators to see every detail, Crime mapping which locates…

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  • New Orleans Police Department

    fleet of the N.O.P.D. Boats and conduct search and recovery operations in water (City of New Orleans). Extradition Unit: They transport fugitives to other jurisdictions (City of New Orleans). K-9 Unit: Their main job are narcotics and explosives detection by using dogs (City of New Orleans). Traffic Fatality Unit: They do investigations of deadly motor vehicle accidents (City of New Orleans). DWI: They apprehend DWI suspects, and perform the proper tests to charge them with DWI (City of New…

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  • Witness Testimony Analysis

    Witness testimonies are often unreliable due to the nature of human memory. For this discussion, 'testimony ' will be used loosely to represent a statement, written or spoken, made by any person claiming to have seen or experienced anything relating to their respective case. The chosen scope for this discussion is cases of sexual assault because very often in such cases the only evidence presented is a testimony, either by the victim or a witness. Aside from the aforementioned, DNA evidence has…

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  • Ethical Issues In Medical Care

    Throughout times we all have at one point questioned the morality of doctors and insurance companies. Whether they were there to help us solve our countless situation we encounter throughout life or scam us for our money. There was a case that astonished us all in October 24 of 1999, where many physician admitted to lying in order to attend patients that needed medical care. Where insurance companies denied coverage for individual with medical dilemmas. Some may think that this was acceptable,…

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  • Modified Organo Nannoclay Case Study

    Na2S2O3. The eluted solution was aspirated directly into the flame of atomic absorption spectrometry. The proposed method permitted a large enrichment factor of 105. The precision of the method was ±2.3% (n=8 and C=2.0 µg mL-1) and the limit of detection (3Sbl) was 0.1 ng mL-1. The calibration curve for gold is linear between 0.45 ng mL-1 to 10.0 µg mL-1 in initial…

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  • Camouflage Research Paper

    movement. Crypsis is simply blending into your surroundings to avoid detection and most humans would use cryptic coloration. In other words, mimic the colors that surround you. Keep in mind that camouflage is also used by predators to sneak up on prey, or in some cases, camouflage allows predators to become static and wait for their meals on legs to wander by. Humans employ this tactic as well. A prime example would be snipers, who may lie undetected…

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  • Jovian Planet Research Paper

    Ch. 11 3. Jovian planets have layered interiors with very high internal temperatures and pressures. The core’s are about 10 times the size of Earth’s consisting of metals, rock, and hydrogen compounds. Jupiter, on the other hand is made almost entirely of hydrogen and helium 4. Because of its large size, Jupiter loses heat very slowly. The planet is still slowly contracting. Contraction converts gravitational energy into thermal energy. Neptune also uses contraction as a way of generating…

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  • Intraventricular Observation

    Physiology Murmurs are the product of intense blood flow across inflexible, calcified valves; faulty valves that permit reverse blood flow (regurgitation); faulty (deviant openings) in the septum, aorta, or pulmonary artery; or abnormally high velocity of blood flow through a normal structure. Supposedly blood generally flows soundlessly through the heart; yet, these conditions can generate tumultuous blood flow resulting in auscultation of swooshing or gusty sound over the precordium (Weber &…

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