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  • Reasons Why People Lie

    People lie for many reasons in this world, because of the way their brain was trained and the psychological part of it, and depending on the person it could be for the better or worse. Our environment is where we pick everything up from so that contributes to how often a person lies and their reasons. Lies can become very complicated depending on the situation, there are different lies. People also lie because of the good of their heart whether they know if it’s bad or not because sometimes…

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  • White Lie: Article Analysis

    Lies Biziou-van-Pol, Haenen, Novaro, Liberman, and Capraro (2015) define a white lie as “a lie that benefits another person” (p. 538). Hsu and Cheung (2013) define white lies as “untruthful statements concerning an opinion, or personal preference, for a prosocial purpose, such as protecting the lie recipient’s feelings or maintaining politeness” (Hsu & Cheung, 2013, p. 1651). Whichever way it is defined, a white lie is used in a prosocial context to maintain cohesion within a relationship or…

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  • Analysis: The Right Time To Lie To Parents

    The right time to lie to parents. Shante Stone-Hill Adler Graduate School The right time to lie to parents In the article, The Right to Do Wrong: Lying to Parents among Adolescents and emerging adults, Jensen et al. (2004) conducted a research study that focused on adolescents and emerging adults lying to parents and the reasons behind the decision to lie. Jensen et al, separated children lying into categories to begin to address possible core factors. Categories such as, developmental,…

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  • Telling The Truth: Is It Better To Lie?

    Su-yeon Kang 2012104001 Topic: Is it always essential to tell the truth, or are there circumstances or situations in which it is better to lie? For several decades, there has been discussion about whether telling the truth in all circumstances is necessary or not. Some people who are in favor of telling the truth in all circumstances would always consider the bad result of telling lies. However, others who agree with telling lies in various situations consider case by case situations where…

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  • Lie Seeking The Truth Analysis

    will eventually come out, as a whole, or in little parts which then reveal the whole thing. People will always know the truth is there, whether or not they know what it is. For example, if there is something bad that happens, and the government has to lie…

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  • Why We Lie Research Paper

    truth doesn’t cost anything, but a lie could cost you everything. A lie is misleading someone telling them inaccurate or false statements trying to get them to believe you. There are so many different reasons for someone to lie. Self esteem is a big one, we all have confidence and most of us always think we are right and don’t want to lose that pride and dignity, we lie to cover up mistakes so we don’t lose our respect. We lie to avoid hurting others feelings. We lie because we are scared. There…

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  • Stephanie Ericsson The Ways We Lie

    the feelings of others in mind are never selfish. On the other hand, others argue that all lies are based on selfish needs. They claim that every lie, no matter how small, is created from the selfish nature of people that want to better themselves. In short, the issue is whether lies can ever assist others. My own view is that there is no such thing as a lie that does not hurt others. Although I concede that there are lies that are intended to help others, such as white lies, I still maintain…

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  • Why We Lie To Ourselves Analysis

    Why We Lie To Ourselves There are many different reasons why people lie. We lie to our friends, family, we even lie to ourselves. Believe it or not, we lie to ourselves more than you may think. We lie to ourselves either through willful ignorance or self-deception. Willful ignorance is the will to be ignorant to hurtful information or any type of information that will make us feel some type of way. Self-deception is allowing oneself to believe a false idea or believe false feelings. We lie to…

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  • Why People Lie Research Paper

    Why Do People Lie? Rarely do honest people lie. They always prefer truth to lies. This is in contrast to untruthful people who lie more frequently, maybe than is necessary (as some might say). Thus, it goes without saying no human being is immune to saying the truth at all times. Even honest people lie but at a rate that is lower than dishonest ones. Of course, we do know it’s not good to be economical with truth but once a person has been caught or has been asked why he lied he might say, “It…

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  • Why Do People Lie Essay

    replied, “My dog ate my homework.” This specific lie is something that has been used as an excuse from school children for years on end to avoid the consequences that come with forgetting to do their homework. Lies have become a dominant part of everyday life in today’s American society, good and bad. This brings up the question, “Why do people lie?” There are many reasons that deception is such a large part of society. People lie…

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