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  • Theme Of Lying In The Crucible

    one’s family, and to protect one’s reputation. A lie is a statement used for the purpose of deception for one’s reputation or name. In Salem, Massachusetts, one’s name and reputation means everything because if one has a bad name, he or she will not receive trust or respect. This play suggests that lying is vital at certain times and that many people hope to achieve an exceptional reputation through lying. Significant characters in the play The Crucible lie in order to preserve their…

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  • Double Speak Analysis

    our daily lives, but how are they different from each other? In “The Ways We Lie” by Stephanie Ericsson and “The World of Doublespeak” by William Lutz, they portray doublespeak and lies as being similar with very few differences. Similarities between those that doublespeak and lie are how both mislead and deceive others. The results of such can be harmful. First of all, liars and double-speakers within “The Ways We Lie” and “The World of Doublespeak” have similar intentions for their action such…

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  • Conflicted About Lying

    one simple lie you said it can hurt a human mankind. Lying can harm you and people around you for just that simple lie you said.Lying is okay only when you are protecting others that you love Lying is always acceptable , when it comes to protecting others , but not when it comes to hurting others. Many people think that lying is bad and it is but not when it comes to protect the ones you love. Some say that they never ever have lied in their entire lives and that's a lie. My…

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  • Similarities Between Plato And Machiavelli

    circumstances which justify a lie. Plato believes that political leaders must lie if that is necessary to pursue justice and thereby lead the city well. Machiavelli also believes that lying is a method of establishing political order but, unlike Plato, believes that lying should be used as a method to maintain power for power’s sake – not for some greater purpose. Although in most circumstances Machiavelli and Plato disagree, occasionally, they agree. For example, they may agree to lie to the…

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  • Truth In Henry Frankfurt's On Truth

    they are both unsuccessfully lying, this situation is okay because the other person sees right through the lie. Even though this situation is acceptable according to Frankfurt, he would disagree with Data’s decision. Data’s father is the one who created the whole lie and he designed the android so his wife could continue her life even though she is dead. Although his father was aware of the lie, the android was not, because the whole time she believed that she was…

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  • Argument Essay: The Value Of Lying

    psychotherapist in Washington, D.C. (3) If you lie or withhold information you aren’t being completely honest. You can…

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  • Mark Twain's On The Decay Of The Art Of Lying

    He simply breaks down lying into two make categories one being a judicious lie, meaning a lie that is told without causing emotional or physical harm to another, this is a lie the world needs (Twain 1). If Twain was to be alive today and saw the contemporary idea that is “fake news”, he would have no choice but to put this type of lie in the latter category, injudicious lying. This type of lie has no noble cause and does nothing but hurt another for the ill gains of the individual who…

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  • Why Is Lying Justified Essay

    harm. Experts like Brad Blanton expresses that lies are sometimes justified but it complicates relationships, where as Immanuel Kant believes that all lies are unjustified. Teens in the article exhibit lies as being sometimes justified when mothers lie about the cartoons. Lying to others is sometimes justified when lies have a cost, lies to protect others and relationships, and lies to protect others from harm. First of all, Lying is sometimes justified since all lies have a cost to the lair.…

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  • According To Allison Kornet's The Truth On Lying

    The Truth on Lying Everyone in this nation is a liar, which means you are a liar too. According to i09, Americans lie at least once a day, and believe they get away with it most of the time. Unfortunately, BBC claimed in Ethical Guide: Lying, that “ Lying is probably one of the most common wrong acts that we carry out”, which means lying should not be committed, because there is nothing good coming out of it. But what exactly is lying? Lying is to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive…

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  • Stephanie Ericsson's On The Decay Of The Art Of Lying

    Part of lying is keeping the truth from others, which is crucial when the truth is hurtful, especially when this negative impact on others is perpetual. Still, lying is inevitable. In Stephanie Ericsson’s, “The Way We Lie” and Mark Twain’s, “On The Decay Of The Art Of Lying” both argue the rationale of lying. Ericsson states that lying is inappropriate and should not be practiced, while Twain believes lying is respectable when done right. Moreover, lying is an aspect of reality that should be…

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