Lying In The Lie In John Lonnie's The Lie

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Today people believe that the only way to get out of their daily duties is to lie. Lying is a lie or a false statement that was told to a stranger, a friend, a co-worker, or a family member, and it could be big nor little. Lying can decide who a person is, and it could affect their reputation, their own trust, it's very addictive, and they could end a relationship. In "The Lie," the main character, Lonnie, told a lie to his boss to get time off work, and have time to himself. This certain lie has people wondering, what will this lie do, why was this certain lie told, and had this affected his relationship with his wife, Clover?

Lonnie had made up a certain lie about his daughter, she was born nine months ago, and he lied about her health, and that she died later. At first glance, he thought by making up this lie he would be able to get off work, since he already used up all of his sick, and personal days for the year. But since he liked the thought of getting off work, he got addicted to it, and repeated himself each day. It reminded him of how much free time he had to
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Clover was on board with the mother, and wife deal, but on the other side Lonnie wasn't ready for adulthood, or parenthood. When you get married, you make vowels to each other, and when you have a child you make a deal that you will put all of your responsibly towards that child. You could agree that their relationship is dying, because they didn't think things through when they met about their responsibilities. He was in a band, and they both rushed into marriage, and now Lonnie isn't settled into being a dad. Now he is going out a lot, lying, and not having a good relationship with the one he loves. They're both needling each other, and stopped talking through the story, which makes their marriage difficult. He would've spoke up, and talked to her instead he lacked it in an unhealthy

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