The Importance Of A Successful Lie

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Nestled in at the dark, damp, dusty junction where the walls and ceiling meet is a miniscule, laborious spider. He creeps along the walls, leaving behind trails of pearlescent white and thin and fibrous strings of silk. He moves around with precision and accuracy, slowly weaving an intricate network of spindle fibers. As he slowly meanders around, an alluring, massive, intricate, image begins to come into focus. This masterpiece is the culmination of days of endless effort, the commendable fruit of his labor. The magnificent web the spider has so carefully and diligently constructed is deceptively beautiful. The sunlight that creeps through the windows illuminates its pale silk strands, shrouding them in brilliant rays of light. Hidden deeply …show more content…
Firstly, a high baseline level of intelligence is already required to tell convincing lies. “Research conducted by the Institute of Child Study at the University of Toronto indicates the skills needed to tell a convincing lie, such as quick thinking and the ability to use information to your own advantage, demonstrate a highly functioning brain” (Gibson). In order to successfully lie, you must already be intellectually gifted. To tell a successful lie, you must first be able to come up with a believable lie. You must have the ability to manipulate and warp the truth in a way that is advantageous to you and is not unrealistic. You must also have the ability to cover up your tracks when suspicions arise. It’s inevitable that someone will have suspicions, you must learn to be intelligent enough to quell them immediately. However, not only is strong intellectual ability required to lie, by lying you can also increase your intellectual capabilities. “How well you lie as a child is a strong indicator of how successful you’ll be as an adult” (Gibson). In studies conducted with children, it was found that the children who were able to tell convincing lies were likely to have more success later on in their lives. Getting away with a good lie will not only prove your intellectual abilities, but it will also lead to future

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