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  • Harry Potter Character Analysis Essay

    The Best Harry Potter Characters Harry Potter has created a magical platform where it connects with so many people with the series, in wonderful ways. The characters have an essential part in the story, making us fall in love with their personality. They have evolved, from eleven year olds to strong, grown wizards. Some amaze us and others make us laugh, with the funniest things possible. The quotes that we follow on to be the inspirational, and we follow their footsteps with their inspirational words. Even though the character might have different qualities, they all are extremely impressive. Giving them unique personalities, and making all Harry Potter fans wishing they were real. One of the most significant things about Harry Potter…

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  • Prophecy Orb In Relation To Characters And Events In Harry Potter

    Prophecy Orbs In Relation To Characters and Events In Harry Potter and To Real-World Politics Harry Potter by J.K Rowling contains a variety of magical elements and devices. One of these devices are the prophecy orbs mainly featured in the fifth book of the series, Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix. These orbs have connections not only to the characters in the series, but also to the politics of the real world. The prophecy orbs are small balls of spun glass that contain a white,…

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  • Achilles Harry Potter Character Analysis

    Achilles and Harry Potter were both successful characters. Everyone knew who both of them were, but they were so great for a reason. The psychological influence of maternal love on Achilles and Harry Potter gives them the necessary confidence to fight great battles and demonstrates the impact of caring influences in early life. Achilles was an amazing warrior who led the Greeks to many victories through the Trojan war. He was feared throughout the whole land. He was such an amazing warrior that…

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  • Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone Character Analysis

    In this essay, the characterization of two characters, Harry Potter in “Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone” and Sherlock Holmes in “The Boscombe Valley Mystery” are the two heroes which would be analyzed. Their characterization would be discussed in two ways. Firstly, how their appearance presented. Secondly, how their actions, which the speech and thought are included, help to present the image of the heroic character. In my point of view, hero is a person who is outstanding with high…

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  • Gender Roles In Harry Potter

    opinions on gender roles, especially for females. When reading or watching the Harry Potter series, you can pick up on hints of both traditional and modern roles. Many people argue that Rowling created a world where female readers may learn that they are inferior to males (Whitton). While they may have a point in some situations, such as the troll incident in the lavatory in the first book, the female characters also stand their own ground. A great example of this is Molly Weasley. Molly…

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  • Analysis Of Harry Potter: The Hero's Journey

    guidelines set forth by Joseph Campbell’s, “The Heroes Journey”, Harry Potter is obviously a true hero. Harry Potter is a character developed by British novelist J.K. Rowling who is most famous for said series. The most apparent theme of this series is the always loved good versus evil mythological concept. The entire basis of this good versus evil theme is contingent upon a prophecy born years before the setting of the story, “neither can live while the other survives.” This is the driving…

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  • Under The Spell By Joan Acocella

    The Harry Potter series can be an enjoyment for children or a literary failure depending on the reader. Joan Acocella, the author of “Under the Spell” thinks the Harry Potter books are an amazing series that took a new turn on fairy tales. She was able to enjoy the series while feeling a connection with the characters. Harold Bloom, the author of “Can 35 Million Book Buyers Be Wrong? Yes.” has a different view of the series. He believes that the books may be interesting, but they lack…

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  • Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone Analysis

    Albus Dumbledore is God God, Lucifer, and Jesus attending a boarding school in a Scotland castle sounds like the beginnings of a very odd joke. Yet it can be argued that this is essentially what went down in the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone. Religious symbolism is heavily entrenched in this young adult movie series, as it naturally should. References to religion is often essential in any narrative that depicts the struggle between darkness and light. This is because darkness and…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Harry Potter Series

    something leapt over me unexpectedly. I— “Megan, time for dinner!” I heard from outside of my bedroom. “One more minute!” I called, desperate to read just one more line, just one more chapter. I was consumed by this renowned work of literature. A life-long love of reading mixed with a great book series and a dash of an obsessive personality can make a potion that is intense, to say the least. The Harry Potter Series is an integral part of my identity and has molded me into the book-addict I am…

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  • Similarities Between The Goblet Of Fire And The Triwizard Cup

    The Triwizard Tournament is a contest, held between the three wizarding schools’ champions in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which is meant to test the contestants’ intelligence, magical ability, and courage through the completion of three tasks, the last of which concerns locating the Triwizard Cup. Similarly, the Arthurian legend of The Quest for the Holy Grail tells of a quest for the Holy Grail, which can be described as a goblet or cup. The goal of this essay is to compare and…

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