Comparison Of Epic Heroes: Odysseus And Harry Potter

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Epic Heroes: Odysseus and Harry Potter
Heroes have always been presented in our lives and will always be there in the future. It is complicated to explain who is considered as a hero because every era has its own heroic characteristics. In the ancient Greece, heroes were either demigods or mortals who served gods and goddesses and performed great deeds for humanity (LaBarge). Today’s heroes are characters who “display courage and self-sacrifice in face of adversity and act for the greater good” (Gerald). The ancient epics are long narrative poems that represent the adventures of great heroes, whereas we refer to movies and novels today that share the characteristics of the epic. A great example of an ancient Greek epic hero is Odysseus, whereas
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One of the striking similarities between the two heroes is their journey. Odysseus was the ruler of Ithaca who had to leave his family and subjects to fight the Trojan War for ten years. His journey back to his homeland was full with trials, including being faced with hatred and love. In the ancient Greek, gods influenced people’s lives, so they did with Odysseus’ life. On the way back to Ithaca, Odysseus experienced Poseidon’s anger and hatred who always challenged him with multiple hardships. On the other hand, he was also supported by Athena who helped him in his journey. He needed that support since he encountered many mythical creatures who he had to fight …show more content…
They are great heroes of their time; they both possess heroic traits. There are similar circumstances surrounding their journeys, and they both are aided by remarkable mentors. They both have an ultimate goal and overcome all the creatures and enemies by the end of their story. There are some differences between the two characters, such as their age and different time period they exist, but they are infinitesimal. People seek for heroes in their lives that is why it is a prefect explanation why The Odyssey is still on the bookshelves, and probably the similar fate awaits the Harry Potter series. I highly recommend people to read these stories because everyone wants to be a hero, and reading a story about an extraordinary hero makes readers feel being part of their journey. Human imagination is infinite, and therefore great stories are

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