Harry J. Anslinger

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  • Legalizing Cannabis In Canada

    illegalization was not very influential nor enforced actively, until 1930’s. The events surrounding the illegalization of cannabis have been questioned many times; it is believed that the pressing facts at that time that led to the illegalization were influenced heavily by racism and fear. There was not any scientific research or method to illegalizing cannabis, it was made illegal based on fear that women and girls were starting to use the drug and also based on racism because majority of cannabis users were racial minorities[ ]. Canada was also trying to follow along with other countries in illegalizing cannabis such as the United States, but the US illegalized it also based on fear, racism, personal growth and career opportunities. Harry J. Anslinger was a man that believed having a bureau of narcotics was an amazing career opportunity. He used racism and violence to get national attention, he stated that “There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos, and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz, and swing, result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers, and any others.” And “…the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.” Cannabis was illegalized for greed, racism, and fear, but no scientific research [ ]. Cannabis is used in modern times legally for medicinal reasons in Canada, it has been proven to have tremendous beneficial…

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  • Economic Effects Of Legalizing Marijuana

    Federal Bureau of Narcotics turned its’ attention to marijuana. The Federal Bureau of Narcotics was originally in charge of monitoring alcohol prohibition. But, when it ended, the Bureau had no purpose. Harry Anslinger, head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, originally thought that marijuana had no health effects. But in 1929 he changed his mind. In 1930, Harry and his team decided to start a new campaign against marijuana. The Bureau told people that the drug made people go in to a…

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  • Early Atomic Experiment Research Paper

    Early Atomic Experiments Joseph John Thomson conducted an experiment that is known today as the CRT Experiment. The outcome of this experiment was JJ’s discovery of the electron. CRT is an acronym for Cathode Ray Tube, this gives a broad concept of what the experiment is about. The basic components of the experiment include, a glass cylindrical tube with most of the air inside vacuumed out of it, and inside the tube is Electrode for each side. One of the Electrodes is negative and entitled the…

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  • Joseph J Thomson Research Paper

    This paper discusses the life of Sir Joseph John Thomson (J.J. Thomson) and his scientific discoveries. It will also discuss how it has impacted our lives today and if we would have what we have today without his research and hard work. He was a shy boy who was gifted when it came to science. He lost his father when he was young but strived to have a better nonetheless. After becoming a Fellow of the Trinity, he started working with Lord Rayleigh and later became his successor. He found what…

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  • Japanese Popular Culture Research Paper

    costumes of their favorite characters from Japanese movies, animations, dramas and TV shows. Finally, there is no doubt that Japanese pop music also has significant impacts in the world. Basically, J-pop is an abbreviated term for Japanese Pop, referring to a certain brand of Japanese music. Tracing its roots back to the earliest impacts of Western music in the 1950s, J-pop has developed to become one of the largest music categories in the world, impacting sounds and artists in plenty of Asian…

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  • THE Direbombs OVER Tokyo By Jonathan Rauch

    The fact of reality is that teenagers create the pop culture within each generation. With a new era of children, it brings forth new stories, fashion statements, ideas, and entertainment that was never heard before. Unique. Simple. It creates an undeniable growth as a humanity as we continuously make social and political change, learning from those before us. In comparison, the Great Generation is much different from Millennials, their history being different. Those who grow up within the era…

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  • Clipping Research Papers

    William says “I believe that’s how we came up with it,” while Jonathon claims the band’s name actually stems from their “shared interest in clipping coupons.” As far as musical influences go, the group may as well create their own Wikipedia article. As producers, Jonathon and William cite some of the “really specific production influences and references on CLPPNG (in no particular order) as: Autechre, Deathpile, Steve Albini, Karma Moffett, Steve Reich, John Cage, Philip Glass, Tangerine…

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  • Lose To Win By Fantasia Barrino: Song Analysis

    Is love worth losing your happiness over? The imagine of love was created for the comfort of a man. There was just Adam on earth and God himself said something is missing you can’t do this alone. Thus, woman was created half of a man was taken to create the whole of a woman. What exactly is the defining line of true love? Do I spill out my all for you to be filled with this feeling we call love? Do I forget about myself to make sure you are a hundred percent well? Is loving you worth losing my…

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  • Under The Spell By Joan Acocella

    The Harry Potter series can be an enjoyment for children or a literary failure depending on the reader. Joan Acocella, the author of “Under the Spell” thinks the Harry Potter books are an amazing series that took a new turn on fairy tales. She was able to enjoy the series while feeling a connection with the characters. Harold Bloom, the author of “Can 35 Million Book Buyers Be Wrong? Yes.” has a different view of the series. He believes that the books may be interesting, but they lack…

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  • Journal Of Experimental Psychology: Watson, J. B. And Rayner R.

    88 who were extremely active. She found that people who use their brains did not lose them. Weiss and Bellinger studied the effects of environmental toxins on early brain development. They suggested that it effects an individual’s life context, including genetic tendencies and enriched or impoverished environments. It was proposed that in humans, the effects of exposure to toxic substances tend to be directly related to growing up in an enriched environment or an impoverished environment. The…

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