Harm Reduction Therapy Research Paper

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Is Harm Reduction Therapy Good or Bad?
SWO 438
Amanda Henegar
November 4, 2016

Is Harm Reduction Therapy Good or Bad?
Harm reduction therapy is still a controversial form of therapy in today’s society. Harm reduction is an approach used to prevent harm while not eliminating the behavior of drug use. This approach allows a drug user to still use drugs but in a safer environment and a safer amount of the drug, to decrease overdosing (Denning & Little, 2012).
What have I learned?
Before learning about harm reduction in this class, I did not know too much about it. Throughout my previous job, I had heard the term harm reduction several times, but had not actually learned about it. I had worked for a local non-profit outpatient mental health agency in the runaway and homeless youth program.
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