The Pros And Cons Of Abstinence Recovery

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It is undeniable that the question “What are success rates of various abstinence recovery programs that drug/alcohol/smoking addicts go through?” is far from its conclusion. This is evident from the fact that there are numerous arguments raised by both opponents and proponents based on varied opinions. Proponents support the idea that many substance addicts have been able to recover through these abstinence programs while opponents do not support this idea. Some of the reasons claimed by proponents include the fact that addiction affects the functioning of the brain and an individual’s behavior hence require treatment offered by the programs. Based on studies so far conducted, these programs ensure that addicts remain in treatment for adequate …show more content…
The debate whether these programs are a success or not have brought forth proponents and opponents with differing opinions. Proponents believe that substance abuse affects both the brain and behavior of the individuals and, therefore, both medical coupled with behavioral therapy need to be administered to the addicts. They also argue that addicts need to remain in treatment session for a considerable long period under observance for the abstinence program to work and prevent chances of relapse. Furthermore, they believe that addicts are affected with multiple problems related to substance abuse such as mental illnesses and infectious diseases which need to be attended to; this can only be done under the programs. Opponents, on the other hand, argue that substance abusers made voluntary choices to abuse the substances and hence the choice to stop lies with them with no interventions. They also argue that the abstinence recovery programs disrupt relationships because of isolating the addicts. Furthermore, the programs disrupt education and employment of the addicts involved causing more harm than good. It is important that this debate be looked into critically so that the best strategies for ensuring full recovery of the substance abusers can be

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