Chain Systems, Inc.: Case Study

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On August 2009, Ms. Patty Chan said she was hired by Chain Systems, Inc. as the Office Manager for the insured as she is supervised by Tong Chen the owner and operator at Chain Systems, Inc. She said her front office desk position requires her to work the front reception of the office where she types up invoices, create P.O.’s, (Purchase Orders) and other simple bookkeeping duties.
She said that her office duties derive from instructions whom she receives from Mr. Tom Tong by helping him with the operations for his company. She said the company is an independent distributor specializing in server’s various computer and technology products from leading IT hardware and software for wholesale trading and shipping IT company. She said the company would warehouse various IT products at an onsite storage which is managed by two Warehousemen employees, Carlos Alexander Solis Gomez and his brother, Mr. Josue Monolo Solis Gomez. She said the two warehouse employees would prepare the shipments of IT products and ship them out either overseas or within the
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Chen only to keep approximately $500.00 in petty cash readily available for gas in the smaller gray safe and will reference the amount in the safe in QuickBooks without counting the money in the safe. She alleges Mr. Chen will tell her of how much cash is in either safe and turn, she or Mr. Chen will put the money figure into her QuickBooks and claims she cannot say for sure or confirm the cash in either safe corresponds with the amount in QuickBooks. She alleges that Mr. Chen is the only person that would deposit monies into either of the safes as she, including Warehouseman Carlos Alexander Solis Gomez, would at times know how much is in the safes, even though Mr. Gomez is not privy to the keypad combinations to either safe. She said that Mr. Gomez would at times put a figure in QuickBooks when he would help her maintaining the numbers that are generated from their eBay

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