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  • Case Study: Pilon V. Saginaw Valley State University

    As stated above this case was brought to the United States District Court, Northern Division because the Plaintiff, Cindy A. Pilon, a Caucasian female applied for the Coordinator of Campus Recreation position at Saginaw Valley State University and was denied the position. The person who was rewarded the job was an African-American male. The plaintiff alleged reverse discrimination on January 7, 2003 and sued the university as well as the dean of the university, Richard P. Thompson. On march 10, 2003, the plaintiff amended her complaint, which now claims denial of equal protection of laws and discrimination on account of race in forming contracts; race discrimination against SVSU; and declaratory and injunctive relief against both defendants.…

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  • Nurse Misconceptions

    of February, a professional speech was done by Danielle Premo RN, BSN, a clinical coordinator-nursing at Saginaw Valley State University, in Health Science class (HS200). The speech was about her experiences in nursing as a colleagues and as an employee. Also, she talked about the do’s and don’ts when a person wants to be a nurse, and why she preferred SVSU to study in it. Moreover, she mentioned some of the popular misconception about nursing, where the nurses work, and what they do. She…

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  • Narrative Essay On College

    think to myself, wow, even 170 miles away from home my uncle who rarely watches the news knows what I have to be afraid of at school. I am a freshman here at Grand Valley State. I was most definitely an independent person before I left for college, exploring areas of my city I’d never seen and getting to know all sorts of people throughout high school. Little did I know I’d have this feeling of independence ripped away from…

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  • Puvungna Research Paper

    trip to Puvungna, which is also known as the “Gathering Place” for Native Americans. I have known that Puvungna was located on campus but I have never gone to look around. The site is located right along Earl Warren Drive on campus and behind the Japanese Garden which was populated by the Tongva tribe. In 1974 Puvungna was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. This museum is very different to a museum that we all know of. The artifacts that are on the site are not behind glass…

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  • Career Interview Questions

    A Retired Professional Interview The agricultural and extension education profession has changed and developed over time. As a future worker in this career, I need to know more about the agricultural and extension education profession and how it developed with time. In order to fully understand that, I interviewed the retired extension worker in Mississippi State. He is known as one of the top soybean specialists in the US. This interview took place on Monday, March 21, 2016 at Starbucks on…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Commitment To Study Social Work

    As a child and eventually teen, I saw many different families going through similar circumstances while attending these appointments. I saw a world I could relate to, I could see that I was not alone. From these experiences grew a passion for helping others and connecting with others who understood my home life. Medicine was always an area of interest growing up, but being in the environment and learning the stories behind the families and individuals suffering pulled my attention. From the time…

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  • Communication And Interviews: My Interview With Abbie

    Communications/Interviews 1. I interviewed my friend Abbie on 11/17/16 in person. I was very comfortable interviewing her because she is a very laid back and honest person. I interviewed my mom, Kelly Meader, on 11/25/16 in person. I was very comfortable interviewing my mom because we have a close relationship and I’m able to talk to her about various subjects. Interviewee who is in Adolescence or Emerging/Young Adulthood Demographic Information 1. I interviewed my friend Abbie Schaefer. 2. She…

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  • Jesse Owens Role Model

    team practices. Riley and Owens would get up extra early during the week before school and Owens would practice. This takes a lot of determination because Owens would get up, go to practice, go to school, and then go to work everyday. This is a lot for a high school student and takes a lot of determination. However, when Owens went to Ohio State for college. His college coach, Larry Snyder, was a lot like Riley. He knew that there was something special about Owens. Owens attended a meet while at…

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  • Disabilities Education Act

    students who fall through the gap. The major gap identified is between the number of actual students with disabilities and the number of students who receive resources through campus disability service centers. Boise State falls into the same category in regards to other postsecondary education institutions across the nation. To put this gap into perspective, according to the Institute of Educational Sciences National Center for Education Statistics approximate 11.1% of the population of…

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  • Pluralism And Religion

    California State University Northridge is a conglomerate of different cultures, ethnicities, and religions. The students and faculty are a good sample size of the American religious landscape: numerous ethnicities from different locations around the world come together and bring their religious practices with them. This nation holds great pride in its diversity and acceptance of others. This concept of pluralism is something the nation would prefer to have as a common belief, however there are…

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