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  • Redemptora As A Shipwreck

    Chapter 4: Review of Archaeological Literature The history of the Redemptora as a shipwreck starts at an unknown date. Until now, little had been found about its abandonment, reflecting a common practice of disposing of vessels without fanfare. However, in the museum files (WA Maritime Museum file MA File No: 10/78-1) a very interesting article in the U.E.C (Underwater Explorers’ Club) News of October 1962 was unveiled, signed by the ‘Beach Master’. It reports on page six that the author had met one Mr. Fred Sweetman 81, skipper of the Lady Forest and ex-employee of the Harbour & Lights Department, who told him that ‘he remembered the old ship being used as a coal hulk in Careening bay them towed over to Clarence (Naval Base) and burnt’. Unfortunately,…

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  • John Williams 'Pirate': Written Speech For Class

    John Williams Written out Speech for class Today I am going to teach you how to be a Pirate. Kind of… I am going to teach you something that all pirates would have known. What is Tacking, and how does it apply to sailing? And no, it is not what the RA’s gave me during room checks the other day. (At This point I will reference the slide that I have on the board. RB means I will be referencing the board during this time) If there is one thing about sailing that you should know, it is you cannot…

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  • Scout Monologue

    You have someone carving a stick, another starting a fire, another building a fort out of sticks. That night everyone went to bed around five o'clock for two reasons, one to catch up on our sleep and that we've learned our lesson of not staying up extremely late and getting up really early. More days past and with more and more classes and not showering for multiple days on end. Until it came to Thursday, today we were going small boat sailing, we have the first aid and all that, and then we…

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  • Boat Descriptive Writing

    Michigan. After I scope out the frigid windy lake, I walk down the bluff to begin my journey of learning to sail alone. As I touch the sand for the first time that day, it felt like I was pushing against a hot iron. As my dad and I make our way to the boat, my dad comes across the question, "Today looks like a nice day for you to try sailing alone, do you want too?". So many thoughts begin to run through my head like I have to answer a question for a million dollars. Knowing my dad, who is short…

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  • Charlie St. Cloud Film Analysis

    He knew she wanted to test the sailboat out on the waters, although he didn't think it was the best idea, he radioed her from his boat telling her the directions she needed to go while sailing through the awful storm. While out on the waters during the storm, the clouds were dark like they would be any storm. With this in mind the audience can take in that possibly the storm meant this would be another rough spot in life for a character in this film. The next day, Charlie found Tess sleeping…

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  • Personal Narrative-A Day At Camp V-Board

    It was a hot, sunny Thursday at Camp V-Bar; “the hottest camp going”. I had just finished teaching my favorite class; fourth period paddle boarding. I was playing a game of sharf with the rest of the Aquatics Staff under the rain fly. After a vigorous game of sharf, which I won, I was off to my next class. It was my fifth period small boat sailing class; a class I did not enjoy. I was not too thrilled about teaching sailing because the people you would teach would have to be engaged during…

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  • Right To Hot Pursuit Essay

    An exception to the exclusive jurisdiction of the flag state over a vessel in the high seas is the right of hot pursuit (Kapoor, 2008: p. 145). The right of hot pursuit of a foreign vessel is a principle designed to ensure that a vessel which has infringed the rules of a coastal state cannot escape punishment by fleeing to the high seas. In reality it means that in certain defined circumstances a coastal state may extend its jurisdiction onto the high seas in order to pursue and seize a ship…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Cruise To Mexico

    day early to make sure we didn’t miss our cruise. I hung out by the pool while some shopped, everyone kind of did their own thing. Everyone was anxiously waiting to board the ship in the morning. I had 6 of my closest friends and their families from high school accompany me on this cruise along with my family. The setting of this story takes place in the lobby of the hotel. We knew something was up, seemed like the staff was acting strange. The problem now is we were told our cruise has…

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  • How Did Christopher Columbus Voyages

    The Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus, traveled four major voyages in his lifetime, proving it possible to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Believing he was sailing to India, Columbus actually ended up establishing the first European settlement in the Western Hemisphere on the Island of San Salvador. Modern sailing technology could have benefited Columbus in planning and carrying out his voyages in many ways. However, three modern sailing advances that would have benefited him the most would be…

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  • Indian Ocean Trade Case Study

    Some of the earliest known evidence of sailing comes from what is today known as the Middle East. The Mesopotamians were no strangers to the movement of goods across great land distances, but they also developed great port cities. Ur was one of the Mesopotamian cities that not only grew, but thrived, at its strategic location where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers enter the Persian Gulf. Located in such a prime location, Ur became a massive epicenter for commerce in the ancient times and was…

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