Postpartum Depression Research Paper

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Postpartum Depression
Postpartum Depression is when a mother delivers a baby and becomes depressed after he or she is born. They feel as if there life is over. Or the mother does not wish to bond or associate with the newborn baby. Usually mothers are happy and excited to be having a child. But when having postpartum depression the mother wants nothing to do with the newborn. Doctors and nurses can tell when a mother is on the verge or has this disorder. There are many symptoms when having this particular disorder.
Woman with postpartum depression give off symptoms of this disease. There are numerous symptoms with this disorder. According to there are a list of symptoms. Such as, crying, appetite problems, tired, sadness,
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For example, a while back ago there was a case where a mother tried to drown her two babies due to her depression. When she was in court on trial her mother was on the stand as a witness. Her mother stated that one night she visited her daughter-in-law and found her daughter in the bathroom in the tub holding her fully clothed twins wet and crying. The mother of the twins wanted to kill the children she just could not handle them. The police was soon called after. When they arrived and arrested her they trailed her for abuse of a child. Instead when in court she pleased having severe postpartum depression. So after her plead they sent her off to get tested to make sure she had the illness which she did. Also there is another case where a mother killed her child. A mother of an 8 year old month baby killed him by suffocation. She had really bad postpartum depression, she was suicidal and taking medication. In the report it said that her husband left to go play tennis with his buddies. She was left alone with her baby and could not handle his crying. So she decided to suffocate her child so she would not have to deal with him anymore. Soon after she called her husband asking him to come home which he did and he found his baby boy dead on their bed. He called the police and his wife was arrested. The doctors only thought she had the baby blues. Many woman do not get tested for the illness postpartum depression yet they let them have their children

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