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  • The Hendrick I Lott Home: A Case Study

    relevance to Black New York is the Hendrick I. Lott House. The Hendrick I. Lott House is a Dutch-American neighborhood house that has been sustained since 1720 (Croghan, 2015). This house is interconnected with slavery that occurred within people of African decent along with serving as a safe house along the Underground Railroad. The Hendrick I. Lott House is located at 1940 East 36th Street in Brooklyn, New York. The Lott House rests in the neighborhood known as, Marine Park. The house was originally purchased by Johannes Lott. Johannes Lott was a farmer and a community leader. The house was then passed down in the family to the grandson who the house is currently named after, Hendrick I. Lott. Once the grandson gained possession over the house, he extended the house by constructed a larger house along with over 200 acres to farm on. This farm included potatoes, wheat, cabbage and a vast range of other vegetables along with a barn (NYC Parks). This house is associated with slavery because the Lott 's relied on the labor of slaves and indentured servants to grow and cultivate the crops on…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

    home is also a necessity but one not taken as seriously, the only thing you need to legal store a gun is some type of lockable gun safe that can be set up anywhere in a home. Handguns aren’t required by law to be kept in a gun safe but must be stored somewhere that isn’t in plain sight and permits must be on the premises at all…

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  • Chain Systems, Inc.: Case Study

    Chen only to keep approximately $500.00 in petty cash readily available for gas in the smaller gray safe and will reference the amount in the safe in QuickBooks without counting the money in the safe. She alleges Mr. Chen will tell her of how much cash is in either safe and turn, she or Mr. Chen will put the money figure into her QuickBooks and claims she cannot say for sure or confirm the cash in either safe corresponds with the amount in QuickBooks. She alleges that Mr. Chen is the only person…

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  • Essay On Jimmy Valentine

    There’s a safe cracking robber that's on the run going as a different identity. That person was Jimmy Valentine. Jimmy Valentine escaped from jail after cracking safes at banks and robbing them. After he escaped, he had changed his name to Ralph D. Spencer and met a lovely woman named Annabel. Annabel ends up becoming Jimmy’s fiancé and Jimmy changes his life and becomes an owner of a successful business. Jimmy Valentine wanted to change his life because he left his old life behind, he was…

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  • Seven Pointer To Keeping Your House Safe While On Vacation

    7 Pointer to Keep Your House Safe While on Vacation It is December agains and yu must be planning to go on a holiday and do not want uninvited visitors in your home? It is is essential to understand that your holiday days are working days for burglars. We have a few beneficial pointers that you must follow in order to secure your home. Invest your holiday without fears over the security of your home. 1. Additional safety deadbolt lock If you do not have a security lock, you must think about…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Uganda's Knowledge Promotion Method

    “China for China” solution, which demonstrates that China multiculturalism is a major factor in designing a culturally sensitive program. Once the program is created, it should be implemented through a community-based approach. Community based HIV prevention programs work because often MSM prefer not to visit traditional medical facilities for fear of discrimination that often comes with traditional medical facilities. As noted in Thailand, engaging community members to work in the center…

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  • Importance Of Sex Education Essay

    The authors root for intense sex education among teens as well as the use of contraceptives. Marsiglio and Mott argue that the only way to safe sex is to provide teens with knowledge and the required protective measures. They disapprove measures that promote abstinence by terming them as “unrealistic”. According to them, most teens are pre-exposed to sex through peers and the media. They conclude that the failure to educate the teens in such a highly polarized environment can be highest level of…

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  • Two Forms Of Sexual Education

    differences in the numbers from the range of the numbers. From data, statistics, the highest recorded percentages were the age group of twenty to twenty-four years old. Sexual education can be taught with being vocal such imagery. These images can include charts and posters that can hung around building, wall and schools. This cans a learning tool to read outside the parameters of what people are telling them. This also doesn’t overbear anyone to make them sit inside a sexual education…

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  • Unprotected Sex Essay

    There are many challenges associated with disclosing one’s positive HIV/AIDS status to a sexual partner. This is due to cultural reasons such as fear of rejection; including partner abandonment and lack of community support. Nonetheless, what does this mean in terms of possible safe sex practices with individuals who choose not to disclose their positive status after unprotected sex with their partners? Although there are federal laws that protect the confidentiality of HIV-related information.…

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  • The Key To The Living Life Of Mr. Wiley

    What is the most essential parts of living life to the fullest? Recently I had the privilege of meeting one of America’s lasting WWII US Navy veteran Mr. Charles Wiley. During Mr. Wiley seminar he expressed many stories he has experienced in his vast lifetime from growing up, joining the military and post military life. People of his generation are very hard to come by nowadays, and our society and children need to embrace every last bit of knowledge these “old timers” have to share. The…

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