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  • The Do-Over: Movie Analysis

    “The Do-Over” is a comedy only released on netflix about a year ago starring Adam Sandler as “Max Kessler” and David Spade playing “Charlie McMillan”. This movie is mainly about two high school friends reconnecting at a high school reunion and making their lives much more interesting than it is at that point in time. Max plans to fake both of their deaths and start from scratch. A new life… Literally! They go through many obstacles, kill some people, meet new colleagues that later on become close friends, and in the end, live happily ever after. In the movie, Charlie McMillan is an unhappily married bank manager in a supermarket who reunites with his old high school friend and FBI agent Max Kessler at a high school reunion. They spend a weekend…

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  • Michael's Bridal Shop: A Short Story

    “Come on Lacy, we are going to Michael’s Bridal Shop. I’m lucky. Yesterday’s newspaper said they are having their yearly bridal gown sale. They have dozens on sale for $99. How is that for a bargain? I want to find one with ruffles and a V-neckline. Hurry before they are picked over. I bet they will be crowded this morning.” “Let me drive, Lacy. There is something I want you to see on the way.” Tacy started the car and handed Lacy a small black velvet box. The box contained a woman’s heart…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

    home is also a necessity but one not taken as seriously, the only thing you need to legal store a gun is some type of lockable gun safe that can be set up anywhere in a home. Handguns aren’t required by law to be kept in a gun safe but must be stored somewhere that isn’t in plain sight and permits must be on the premises at all…

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  • Electric Job Experience

    This previous summer, an opportunity to work for my father’s electric company arose. The job entailed driving a thirteen-foot tall box truck with a coworker to Umpqua banks in Oregon and Washington that had relocated or closed down and “decommissioning” them by removing all technology equipment. That includes: computers, cash counters, printers, telephones, and anything that uses electricity. We would take every piece of technology and catalog them into an excel sheet with their serial and model…

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  • Imagery And Symbolism In The Lottery, By Shirley Jackson

    symbolism to show that evil can be present in the most innocent environment, resulting in society being tainted with dark illusion. Superstitious tradition symbolized an important role to the people in this village. Mr. Summers a man that was in charge of the majority of the events in the town, always spoke about making a new black box but never did. (134) The people of the village would rather keep the same box rather than upsetting tradition with something new. As the people in the village…

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  • Chain Systems, Inc.: Case Study

    Chen only to keep approximately $500.00 in petty cash readily available for gas in the smaller gray safe and will reference the amount in the safe in QuickBooks without counting the money in the safe. She alleges Mr. Chen will tell her of how much cash is in either safe and turn, she or Mr. Chen will put the money figure into her QuickBooks and claims she cannot say for sure or confirm the cash in either safe corresponds with the amount in QuickBooks. She alleges that Mr. Chen is the only person…

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  • Coffins Persuasive Speech

    see a box. So for me to see and possible use coffins differently, I need to break down what that means to me. Well it would completly incompass a human body, much like a protection bubble would. So they could mean protection, and if it is made out of stone it would be less like that anything physical could penatrate it. It could also be used as a symbol of communcated with the dead or the ancestors. The ancient egyption used coffins, sarcaficuse. to protect the dead and too see them into…

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  • Essay On Raystown Lake

    As I began to slowly open it, the sharp creakiness of the hinge grew louder. Just as I had fully opened the lid of the box, “whish!!” A rodent of some sort flew across the pile of wood in the box, and I slammed the lid shut and ran inside. I then took the remainder of mine and my father’s bags to the upstairs loft area while still trembling. The rest of the night was very peaceful for everyone. We ate some delicious tasting pizza from a local pizzeria and relaxed by playing some board games and…

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  • How To Solving The Pebbles

    four boxes and how she divide the pebbles equally. Vesa chose boxes and placed one pebble at the time in each box until she run out of the pebbles, and then counted how many she had in each box: “There is three in each box.” The adult give her more pebbles and asked her to equally divide them between five boxes. She divided pebbles between boxes, counted how many she has in each box, wrote the correct number on a note paper and stick it on a box. When all boxes were counted and had the numbers…

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  • My Brother: A Narrative Fiction

    so that it would go faster and gave me a pocket knife to make me feel better. As I opened the first box I realized that it was full of clothes. Mark found books in his box, another box was full of trophies from soccer and basketball. All these boxes were full of someone’s personal things, we decided that it all belonged to the family that was living there before us and they probably just forgot to take this stuff. I opened up the last box and inside it was this other box. The box was small and…

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