Sacred Heart Medical Oncology Case Study

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A1. Description of the Organization
For my organization, I have chosen Sacred Heart Medical Oncology Group, or SHMOG. Sacred Heart Medical Oncology Group (SHMOG) is a hospital-based outpatient facility of Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, FL. Known as the Sacred Heart Cancer Center; SHMOG has become a highly recognized and respected facility along the Gulf Coast for Oncology and Hematology care.
Our professional employees include eleven oncologists, two surgical gynecological oncologists, one thoracic surgeon, seven nurse practitioners, an advance nurse practitioner in genetics, as well as five pharmacists. Additionally, we have over one hundred nursing, laboratory, social work and administrative staff.
Our leadership structure begins with our VP of Cancer Services, Terri Smith, who reports directly to the President
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As we just had our fiscal-year close, the top leaders of the various departments meet to go over the financial strengths and weaknesses of the closing year. Our department, Oncology, topped the financials for the sixth year straight, practically carrying the hospital as a whole. When called to receive recognition for the great work, Terri graciously declined to be presented with any type of accolades, however she asked that the recognition be given to the Directors, Managers and Team Leads who she stated make the practice successful.
Servant Leadership is a term that I have become familiar with, as it is one of the cornerstones of our leadership practices in our health ministry. The idea of “servant” is deep in our Judeo-Christian Heritage and the Bible lists over 1300 references to servant (including serve and service). (Greenleaf) It is all the more understandable that in our Faith-based, Catholic organization, our top leaders such as Terri, possess the Servant leader

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