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  • Culture And Depression Summary

    The author, Richard A. Stein is a Professor of Medicine and Director of the Urban Community Cardiology Program at the New York University School of Medicine. Stein explains that even though monozygotic pairs share identical DNA sequences, they are often dissonant for many diseases, proving that even the same genotype can give rise to distinct phenotypes. Hence, there are factors that cannot be determined by the genome sequence itself. Epigenetic 's explain that connections between certain infectious diseases and cancer was diminished at first, but recently redeveloped as an important approach in biology. One feature that separates genetic change from epigenetic modification is their capricious nature. The models of health that this author evokes is biomedical, social and physiological as this article highlights many factors that induce epigenetic changes, for example, diet, social influences, and infectious diseases. Stein helps clarify that not everything can be discovered through the genome sequence itself with relation to monozygotic pairs. Stein did a great job at explaining the different factors involved by categorizing them, which allows the reader to focus on the factors they desire if a certain topic evokes interest. Although the article was fairly lengthy, it was filled with many examples to back up the information…

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  • The Importance Of Parental Influence In Human Children

    While a newborn lamb can get up and walk minutes after birth, a newborn primate requires much more time to do the same; nonetheless, even among primates, human children require the longest period of care [INSERT CITATION]. Human children spend a large portion of their early life in need of constant care from parents; hence, their environment predominantly entails parental interaction. This paper will argue that although genetics is a decisive force in children’s development, the influence of…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Nature Vs Nurture

    Throughout the century, there has been a debate if children learn because of their genetics, or because of the environment they are in. With hundreds of studies done, there still is no one exact answer. Most people say it is Nature, or in your genes; or Nurture, from your environment. Although it could be said either nature or nurture predominantly decides who you will turn out to be, I argue that it is both a combination of nature and nurture based studies on epigenetics, language acquisition,…

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  • Nature Vs Nurture Argument

    enters into the realms of philosophy and psychology. It is nearly undeniable that the ideas of Mendelian inheritance are sound theories, yet the argument for environmentally-induced and transmissible phenotypic changes is less agreed upon.6,7 This is opposed to epigenetics, which is indeed agreed upon, and, as mentioned previously, deals with changes in gene expression rather than the gene itself. Overall, this study has the…

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  • Epigenetics Video

    Epigenetics translates to “above the genome”, according to Epigenetics article on PBS. Above the genome refers to external modifications to DNA that turn genes “on” and “off”. Although modifications don’t change the sequence per se, it changes the way the cells “read” genes. Essentially, this is what differentiates genetics from epigenetics. Going further into detail, genetics conceptually deal with gene and gene function. This focuses on how DNA sequences make changes in the cell. However,…

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  • The Importance Of Move To America

    two different but equally fascinating cultures. Learning to adjust and adapt to a new environment also showed me that as long as I was determined and persistent, I can overcome even challenges that might appear at first glance to be insurmountable. I first started doing research in high school with Dr. Emily Bernstein at Mt Sinai School of Medicine. Her lab focuses on epigenetic regulation of gene expression in cancer and I examined the expression level of a histone variant- macroH2A in breast…

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  • Epigenetics Essay

    Simone Francis Reference number: 2167-6527 Epigenetics is the study of modifications to the genes of organisms. The way in which our genes behave can be altered by our epigenomes without changing our DNA sequence. They can be altered by different factors of our environment such as what we eat, drink, etc. The video on epigenetics was very informative. Prior to watching the video, I had no knowledge of what epigenetics was nor have I ever heard about it. I thought the experiments in the lab on…

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  • Disadvantages Of Epigenetics

    What is epigenetics? “Epi” translated from the Greek language means “on top of” or “over”. Meaning the word epigenetics shows that certain genes will be displayed over/before others. (2) Epigenetics is the study of the phenomenon that certain genes could be expressed within an individual whilst others are suppressed. This is the idea of being able to change your phenotype without affecting/changing your genotype in any way. (1) There can be a great many things that will influence epigenetics…

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  • Mendel's Epigenetic Analysis

    Based on Mendel’s experimental observation and conclusion on pea plants, he proposed four postulates including one that each phenotypical characteristic are controlled by a pair of unit factors also known as alleles that separate independently in gametes. Although Mendel’s contribution to genetics isn’t wrong, there are some exceptions of inheritances that do not follow Mendel’s principles. Non-mendelian inheritance traits include maternal effects, epigenetics, and extranuclear genes. What makes…

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  • Role Of Technology And Epigenetics

    Changing Technology and Epigenetics The ever-changing role of technology has surely changed the generations and the way we interact with one another. As described in Sharon Moalem’s essay on epigenetics, “Changing Our Genes: How Trauma, Bullying and Royal Jelly Alter Our Genetic Destiny," researchers have uncovered the relationship between environmental changes and the impact these changes can have on future generations. Carrying that theory out just a little further, why can’t the role of…

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