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  • The Consequences Of Morality In Frank Conroy's Stop Time

    Really, there’s no reason to even include these events in the novel, aside from creating a juxtaposition between his past and current self. However, these passages have somewhat of an allegorical quality to them. Regarding the prologue, it was used to create an image of Frank Conroy that the reader would be able to understand; it was a way to introduce his flaws immediately, so the audience would understand where they came from as they read the memoir itself. The epilogue is much more dramatic, in a sense. Its tone is almost manic, and seems to be the “this is what I’ve become” of the novel. His syntax has changed to where it seems like the Frank Conroy you met in the prologue has changed as you read the novel, and this is the…

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  • Epilogue To The Code Of Hammurabi

    Hammurabi was the ruler of Mesopotamia in 18th century B.C.E.. I think that the laws or code he made were just for his time.Even though we don’t use the same methods and punishments he used, he made laws that were fair to the people he ruled over. In Hammurabi’s code he had an epilogue, and in the epilogue there is a part that said, “That the strong might not injure the weak , in order to protect the widows and orphans.” By that, he meant that his laws are meant to protect the weak from the…

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  • Epilogue Examples

    “You said we’ll play the Prince saving the Princess today!” “But we already played that yesterday, Lena.” “Yesterday it was the dragon that kidnapped the princess but today the bad Black Magician will kidnap her.” “Kidnapping again?” “Come on, Leon. You said you’ll play with me!” “How about we play other games? I got a new lego set here.” “Wuu, wuu. Leon, you’re a liar! Wuuu!” “But, but, I’ve been playing with dolls for days!” “Wuu, wuu, wuu!” “Quiet down,…

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  • Preschool Epilogue

    In my short life of fourteen years, nothing major or very noteworthy has happened. I don’t have a story yet. So, instead of telling you about little parts of my little life, I’ll tell you about the whole epilogue in my Novel of Life. First thing first, I was brought into this wonderful world on December 18, 2001, in Westerville, Ohio. Obviously, I don’t remember this, but apparently I was a bit of a fussy baby. Mom has always told me that I was stubborn from the moment I was conceived. I…

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  • Lord Of The Flies Epilogue Analysis

    Epilogue Ralph looked back at the island. What was an uninhabited island with green vivid forests with sharp mountains and sparkling beaches was all now a large pile of burnt ash, spewing out smoke like a fountain spewing out water. As they boarded the ship, all the boys scrambled on quickly except Jack. He seemed to make a great effort, step by step to approach the ship. A sailor stepped down and extended his hand to help him. Jack seemed eager to take his hand. All the while, Jack kept…

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  • Raskolnikov's Epilogue Analysis

    There are two types of people in the world: the ones who like a definitive ending and the ones who leave it up to their imagination. I consider myself to be the type to leave it to my imagination, therefore I found the epilogue unnecessary information that Dostoevsky could have left for the reader to complete. Part VI ended strongly, it captured Raskolnikov’s psychological regret in realistic manner. The epilogue, in a way, watered down the strength of Part VI. All of the developing…

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  • Epilogue To The Goddess Of Hydra

    One day, Hydra’s mother asked Hydra to tend the garden and house while she went to the market. Hydra, being the lazy girl she was, watered the garden with a snap of her fingers and didn’t even leave the house. She sat in her room when all of a sudden she was blinded by a light. In the middle of her room an old woman stepped out from behind the curtain of light. ‘She surely is a goddess’ Hydra thought. She was absolutely right. The goddess that appeared before her was Mary, a kind hearted goddess…

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  • Epilogue To The Light Thief

    The Light Thief Chapter One: Awake “Morning!” Dad says to Mom. “Morning,” Mom says to Dad. “Brrr, it’s cold down here.” Mom shivers. “I’ll turn on the fire,” Dad whispers. “Dad, Dad! It’s sooo cold upstairs!” Lilly whines. “Lilly, you woke me up,” Jack yawns. “Sorry, Jack.” “Hey, honey, come here.” “What is it?” Mom asks. “I can’t turn on the fire!” “Well, then turn on the heat,” Mom says. “But, Mom, I want the fire on, please, please, please!” Lilly cries. “I can’t, I’m sorry, honey,” says…

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  • Epilogue To The Poet's Mistake

    "What's going on!?" Nadia shout hoarsely when she gains consciousness in the cabin that was once hers and Lukes before the incident. Nadia soon realizes that no one is near. "I'm not alone... Luke! No No that isn't possible, Gabriel wouldn't have done this to me. I shouldn't be here" Nadia begins to feel her heart pacing, she soon begins to feel like her heart is being pulled out of her chest. "I.. I can't be alone... Gabriel!! Luke!!" Nadia screams one last time before she suddenly falls to…

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  • Epilogue To The Wizard Of Oz

    “Oh my, it is much warmer in here than I was expecting,” Dorothy complained. “What am I going to do in this heat with all this fur?” the Cowardly Lion frantically asked. Dorothy and her three friends had finally reached the Emerald City after their very long journey. As soon as they walked into the Wizard’s castle, they were overwhelmed by the amount of heat that rushed toward them. They were all sweating as they walked down the long hallway looking for the Wizard of Oz. “My straw is getting…

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