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  • Nt1330 Unit 2 Individual Assignment

    Items of this Guttman chart generally follow the expected pattern as the more difficult items have less 1s and the 1s are from higher achieving students. However, there are still some expectations. Item 2.1, “Use Chinese only for unknown vocabularies”, shows a particularly irregular pattern, as some students of a lower ZPD group were able to present the required skill while some higher students didn’t. Item 6.3 and 5.3 also show irregular patterns, although not as much as item 2.1. One possible reason for item 2.1’s result is that the groups students are in may determine how much Chinese they used during the communication. As this assessment requires students to work together as a group and exchange information with group members, students may be influenced by their group members when deciding how to explain the information they have. For example, high achieving students with ability to achieve this item may choose to use Chinese so that other members with lower listening skills can understand the information better. Likewise, lower achieving students may be using more English under the pressure of other group members’ desire to achieve higher marks. Students may also deliberately choose to use Chinese to talk about topics that are not related to the lesson. Thus, item 2.1 can not really determine students’ speaking ability and is not suitable for this assessment. The nature of this assessment makes it hard for the teacher to determine student’s speaking ability and teacher…

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  • Tiger Grouper Case Study

    The Blessing Of The Grouper: A Predator Fish Farming Business I want to share a little knowledge about a predator fish called the tiger grouper (*also known as epinephelus fuscoguttatus*). Interesting Facts About The Tiger Grouper: * The tiger grouper is a fish that lives in the ocean in groups of it’s own kind. * The grouper is a predatory fish that preys on various types of small fish, animal plankton, squid, and other small animals. * *Cekidot* is the tiger grouper’s Indonesian name. In…

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  • Altruism In The Langur

    another insight from sociobiology that of mother-fetus conflict (Haig 1993) shows that co-operation is also often conditioned around genetic conflicts of interest. However dominance hierarchies limit species in which altruism is to be expected, for example Baboon (Papio cynocephalus) food appropriation by males reduces the opportunity to begin reciprocal exchanges whereas amongst Chimpanzees ( Pan troglodyte) such behavior might be expected (Trivers 1971:38). Despite fully expecting reciprocal…

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