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  • Fear Of Death In Lucretius On The Nature Of Things

    As stated in On the Nature of Things, “Hence, where thou seest a man to grieve because; When dead he rots with body laid away; Or perishes in flames or jaws of beasts, (On the Nature of Things)” the reader might believe that what awaits him in the afterlife is an eternity spent in Hades, with torment unimaginable. Therefore, he takes great care in trying to make his life as perfect and as pleasing to the gods as possible so he might not share that fate. By that logic, one would need to take extreme caution as to everything that they act upon. This would mean that everything that they might do will be derived from being a pious person and might cause pain for the person, something that in Epicureanism is something to avoid. Yet in spite of the knowledge that a man can lead a life where they might not suffer in Tartarus, there is not a guarantee and this can lead to someone drowning in anxiety. Lucretius offers a cure to this would be pious man with an assurance rather than a plausible…

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  • Epicurean Formula For A Good Life Essay

    Choosing Happiness: The Epicurean Formula for a Good Life There is often great debate as to what can be considered the good life and how one can achieve it. In this paper I will argue that Epicurus’ moderate hedonism will make for the most flourishing life because it promotes happiness and gives each person a clear formula through which they can make decisions. I will do this by first defining the good and bad life, then introducing Epicurus’ ideas and finally showing how they will lead to the…

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  • Epicureanism And Skepticism Essay

    Skepticism, Stoicism, and Epicureanism all contain important truths. Skepticism is correct in saying that believing ideas to be certain which one cannot be certain of causes unhappiness. Stoics are not wrong that one’s perception of and response to events can cause happiness or unhappiness. Epicureans are right that rationally seeking pleasure may often cause one to find it. But when taken as one’s sole worldview, Epicureanism determines the best life for man. The central belief of Epicureanism…

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  • Arguments Against Epicureanism

    From ancient times, there were many debates about the existence and the nature of the gods. Amongst the many philosophical beliefs about the gods, one of the most prominent belief system was Epicureanism. The reason of the belief being so prominent is its characteristic based on plausible logic. Even though the system indeed happen to have some flaws that are rebutted against, the system as a whole is a believable and compelling one. The belief of Epicureanism is an equitable mixture of the…

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  • Stoicism Vs Epicureanism

    For the chapter twelve discussion, for the topic on achieving happiness or the good life I have chose to discuss is Stoicism. The definition of Stoicism is, to prepare for the worst and develop a technique for dealing with it when the worst situation arises. Stoicism and epicureanism are different because epicureans avoid pain, and people who use stoicism learn to cope with pain and feel that pain is essential to living. Stoics embrace pain and learn to live with it and to make the best out of a…

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  • The Importance Of A Happy Life

    main source of happiness: the fulfillment of pleasure. In Hedonism, it is suggested that the acquirement of pleasure should be everyone’s main priority. Evidently, the practice of Hedonism is also associated with egoism, which claims that people should do things for their own good and prioritize their happiness before anything or anyone else ("Hedonism"). Similarly, Epicureanism also suggests that people should seek to maximize their happiness through the fulfillment of pleasures, but unlike…

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  • Lucretius And Epicteus's Philosophy Of The Good Life

    What is the good life? Many philosophers believe that they know what a good life is, what it consists of and how the good life can be reached. Lucretius, a Roman philosopher who followed the idea of Epicureanism, believed that simple pleasures and avoiding pain is happiness which leads to the good life opposed to Epictetus, a Greek philosopher who followed the idea of Stoicism, believed that one should never desire or seek pleasure whatsoever. Although Epicureanism may sound similar to…

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  • The Pursuit Of Virtue In Plato's Republic

    is an appropriate characterization of Epicureanism for the following reasons. Epicurus like Aristotle believed that the highest good is happiness however unlike Aristotle he believed that the path to happiness is pleasure. The main reason Epicurus associated happiness with pleasure is because people do everything for their own sake or their own pleasure. Everything we do in life is for our own pleasure. This can clearly be seen in infants. A baby does not touch a stove when it is hot because…

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  • Epicurean Vs Stoicism

    Epicureanism tells freedom from stress and being at peace helps us in leading a good life which is one of the strengths of this theory. But on the other hand, I feel that epicureanism lays emphasis on focusing on necessary desires only. It clearly states that we should avoid having unnecessary desires lie fancy food, beauty etc. which according to me is wrong. I feel that when one becomes rich, he should definitely go for having luxuries in life. People like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates etc. are…

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  • Epicurean Vs Stoic Way Of Life

    bodily pain isn’t pleasurable, so the Epicurean way of life is far superior when it comes to their view of what pleasure is. The other reason it is far superior to the Stoic way of life is their theory on creation. Stoics believe that the Universe had no beginning and has no end. They believe that the universe is simply always in flux with no end in sight. The Epicureans believe that the universe is made up of atoms that make up the four elements, earth, wind, water and fire, and once one of the…

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