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  • Conformity Vs. Non Conformity In Society

    Conformity V.S Non-Conformity The world needs conformists and nonconformists in order for society to agree on choices. Without conformity, society would never agree on anything and we could never solve any conflict. Without nonconformity, society would never have any diversity and life would be boring and there would not be any changes in us humans if there isn’t any differences around then just being the same. The conformist “Boxer” was a naive and ignorant horse who is willing to follow all of Napoleon’s rules and laws according to the 7 commandments that the animals and Old Major organized. The nonconformist “Rosa Parks” who did not give up her seat to a white individual in the bus. The world needs both of these concepts in order for society to exist. Boxer from the excerpt “Animal Farm” his loyalty and strong will in serving animal farm and its progress in completing the windmill is crucial to demonstrate that he is a true follower. Boxer shows that he is a true conformist because Boxer never doubts Napoleon even if Boxer thinks that Napoleon is wrong. That is why Boxer made one of his motto “Napoleon is always right”. Boxer and many of the other animals on the farm are conformist because they do not doubt Napoleon because they are afraid of Napoleon but Boxer is not afraid of Napoleon. Boxer is just too gullible and can not think for himself, he is naive, even though he is loyal and strong. He will never doubt Napoleon. The consequences of Boxer’s…

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  • The Moral Dilemma Of Conformity In Sophocles Antigone

    American writer and feminist Rita Mae Brown once claimed that “the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you but yourself” (“Famous Quotes”). In this, May addresses the moral dilemma of conformity. If one conforms to become accepted by society, they may end up abandoning their individuality, as well as their beliefs. Oppositely, while non-conformists retain their unique characteristics and values, they are susceptible to persecution. Because their potential effects, one may struggle to…

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  • Elitism Vs Nonconformism

    whilst the nobles were persons who also believed they had the divine power to stay on top of the social hierarchy and support their superiors in maintaining social order. Because of this, many of the serfs and underclass lived by the Pre-Christian traditions and teachings up till the 1600s (Sauer 156). They lived according to the traditions and principles of the Early Irish, Welsh and English customs which related to fairy tales and Druids as well as other superstitions that were not Biblical.…

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  • Huckleberry Finn Nonconformism Analysis

    It is a fact that all persons are born unique, but most everyone seems to follow the same rules and practices that everybody else follows too. This is because going with the crowd is uncomplicated, not requiring much effort and thinking. Despite this, there are a select few who go against these rules, out of desire and hope for something more, something better. These nonconformists stand up against things both good and bad, in an attempt to gain or eradicate something. In the Adventures of…

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  • Nonconformism And Individualism In Emerson, By Kate Chopin

    There are a innumerable amount of people who want to extend themselves with self-reliance and individualism. Although, some people never have the chance to experience the life they have always desired. Most people are fettered to a certain standard by society and feel obligated to obtain that standard to satisfy the people around them. However, Edna Pontellier was not restricted by society and journeyed down her own path. Edna gathered many choices of individualism, transcendentalism, and…

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  • Nonconformism And Transcendentalism In Walden By Henry David Thoreau

    Henry David Thoreau is a transcendentalist author who wrote the novel Walden, which is a novel explaining to the American public about when he isolated himself at Walden pond from the rest of the American society. His writings at Walden pond fits the goals of the transcendentalists mindsets because much like Ralph Waldo Emerson and other transcendentalist during his time Thoreau believes in nonconformity. Meaning that Thoreau does not agree with going along with the flaws of the society in…

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  • Huck Finn Nonconformity Analysis

    work to depart from European literary models. It used frontier humour, vernacular speech and uneducated young narrator to portray life in America. Twain’s attempt to capture the sound of vernacular speech is part of the novel’s realism and its documentary quality. As we read the novel, we listen to Huck Finn himself speak in a free wheeling vernacular, unconstrained by any of the common rules of grammar or formal speech. Moreover, Huck is bored with school, indifferent to religion, resentful of…

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  • Christopher Mccandless Transcendentalism Analysis

    Time and time again, society is influenced the many works of transcendentalist philosophers. Transcendentalism is the philosophical and literary movement that highlights themes of nature and spirituality while going against society and materialism. Christopher McCandless was in intelligent young man who believed in prospering through nature and the breach from the norms of society. He spent two years traipsing around the country before he ultimately starved to death in Alaska. McCandless…

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  • Into The Wild Transcendentalism

    peace of mind, but in reality nothing is more damaging to the adventurous spirit within a man than a secure future ” (qtd. Krakauer 57). Chris has taken his life into his own hands by going on this national adventure, and he is advising others to do so as well. If someone is in a conformed lifestyle, they may feel secure but they are losing their sense of individualism and of self, and to avoid this, Chris becomes a nonconformist. “I went into the woods….. to front the essential facts of life”…

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  • Beksi Existentialism Essay

    are and will remain the synonyms of boredom” (Nyczek). However, it is a given that many things in reality will not be covered in crawling veins or be damaged by cracks, especially a place such as the house where Beksiński dwelled. He painted to reject others’ realities and substitute the reality he created and adored for himself, which is consistent with some existentialists who have separated the subjective and objective to the point they hold no relation to another (Sire 136). Surrealism, in…

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