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  • Reflective Essay: The Crucible Experience

    CPT Samuel O. Fadare III L200 Essay-Crucible Experience Granting someone the ability to gain insight into the complexities of a singular moment in time that was a key transformational experience takes courage especially if that event was associated with weakness or failure. On the flipside however, is the opportunity to overcome those fears of exposure by being open and candid with oneself, with hopes that something from the experience can be analyzed and used to not only gain self-awareness…

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  • Individual Leadership Philosophy: United States Army

    Individual Leadership Philosophy Paper SSG Hassoon, Ali SGL SSG Apayo, Anthony My leadership philosophy stem from combination of personal values and beliefs, life experience, and military encounters. I believe every serving member in the military brings in a unique prospective and a unique talent that makes our military the best in the world, and in order to manage and lead that talent you ought a have an open minded leader that can listen to others and takes all opinions in…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Following Orders And Accomplish Assigned Tasks In The Military

    command when I am unable to complete a task in the time allotted. It is my obligation to ensure that I improve myself in all areas working to become more proficient and efficient in my duties. If I do not properly follow the orders of my Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) it could be seen as disrespect, failure to follow orders, and in turn that NCO may lose respect for my ability’s as a…

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  • Army Reflective Essay

    Drill Sergeant First Class Greene taught me what an Army Non-Commissioned Officer leader should be from my first days in the Army. From the day I met him, SFC Greene personified the Army values: loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage. He taught how to be a Soldier by leading by personal example. He mentored me in lessons about honor and integrity. SFC Greene’s mentoring carries with me through my career. As I learn to be a more effective leader…

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  • Master Resilience Training Paper

    focuses on people’s welfare through positive thinking and positive attitudes. Reivich, Seligman, & McBride (2011) explains that Master Resilience Training (MRT) is a program that consist in a 10 days course that teaches resilience skills to Non Commissioned Officers (NCO). MRT has the objective to train, teach resilience skills and capacitate Sergeants to teach those skills to their subordinates. Three components constitute MRT: preparation, support and enhancement. During the phase of…

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  • The Importance Of Respect In The United States Army

    Respect for your subordinates, peers, seniors and officers are highly regarded. Respect begets respect… in the civilian world. But usually in the military, anyone who has a higher rank than what you are wearing, respect is expected, not that respect is not expected for you to give if they are of the same…

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  • Mr. Gillanders: My Hero

    the military. But, fortunately, boot camp pushed Mr. Gillanders to strive to a better ranking in the National Guard. Before the time he left the military, Mr. Gillanders earned the rank of Command Chief Master Sergeant, the ninth highest non-commissioned officer rank. Although he worked is all forces of the military, being Command Chief Master Sergeant was his favorite. Before earning this rank, my grandfather was in charge of the food facility. “The food was always alright,” he…

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  • Analysis Of Zinky Boys By Svetlana Alexievich

    In the overwhelming nonfiction journal Zinky Boys written by Svetlana Alexievich, a series of conflicts have happened in Communist Russia. Svetlana Alexievich provides the reader with many testimonies of betrayal of the young men, women and the mothers of soldiers by the Motherland, the people of Russia and the government. Throughout the story of Zinky Boys the sense of betrayal is the central focus of the testimonies and it demonstrates the importance of one’s international duty. Expanding on…

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  • Importance Of Mission Readiness

    impact it can have on the unit if one soldier is not up to standard. The other solders must not only continue working on the load they have but also pic up my slack. Not being fully mission capable waste time and energy of my peers, my NCOs and the officers in my unit. I must do better as a soldier I am A specialist looking to go to the promotion board in January but I made a private mistake. Mission readiness comes down to discipline and prioritizing which I will explain in this essay.…

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  • The Importance Of An NCO

    Corporal Corey Martin Birdow February Third Two-Thousand It is important to keep your chain of command informed at all times, especially if you are in charge of the well being of soldiers. On the twenty sixth of January I failed as a Non Commissioned Officer to fulfill this duty. I was informed that one of my soldiers might be going to the hospital. I asked that person to keep me informed of my soldier’s status. Instead I should have checked on the soldier personally because her health was…

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