The Importance Of Mental Toughness In The Navy

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While in the Navy just like other branches of the military. There is a appearance members must obtain and keep. This helps the mental toughness level and gives hope for higher standards. They must have high standards in the Navy like all branches to keep order. Soldiers never doubt their own abilities and are always aggressive no matter what. Encouraging others is a another very good skill to also have. Sometimes the little things are what keep people going. And when the instructor 's yell at recruits, they don’t let it bring them down because it’s only the instructors job to do so. Recruits just let it make them tougher. Mentally and Physically they become tougher. (“Mental Toughness” np) The biggest role of the U.S Navy is to get hold of , hold down and maintain security of U.S Coastline. The navy is equipped for anything, form attacks and defense with ships and submarines. The navy is also good for rescue …show more content…
Warrant Officer which go from an Officer to a Gunner. Then last there is the Commission Officer which goes from 2nd liniment to a General Commandant. As with the Corps the same applies with other other branches when ranking up you are moving along in your jobs and advancing to the next position your bettering your self further. (Robbie Hughes Interview) The Army, Navy and Marines are the three strongest and toughest of all the five branches that make up the military. Which makes our nation as a whole incredibly strong and confident when a opposing force is in the way. They all have strong members who know what they are doing and they all fight to do one thing. Which is protect our Nation and what it stands for as a whole. Each has its own specific task and job that they do or specialize in. That it does but at the end of the day they are all fighting for protection of the United States of America. Making us one of the worlds super

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