Los Angeles Fire Department Research Paper

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Los Angeles Fire Department For my research I chose the Los Angeles Fire Department. Their Mission statement is “to preserve life and property, promote public safety and foster economic growth through leadership, management and actions, as an all risk life safety response provider.” I found it important to note that LA city is the biggest in size and second most populated city in the United States, so they have a very big and important mission.
The city of Los Angeles was founded in 1781 and started as a small pueblo governed by the King of Spain. Because it was a farming community their stockpiles of hay and other dry crops would be a hazard and at the time they used bucket brigades to fight fires. Since there was no form of
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In December 1885, the City Council considered the merits of a fully paid Department and moved to finance and control the first fully paid, official Los Angeles Fire Department. In February 1886, the LAFD officially went into service with four fire stations. The first city owned forestation was Engine Company No. 1 and was established in 1887.
Into the early 20th century the Department began to fully expand its operations such as improved membership benefits, use of motorized apparatus, creation of the Mountain Patrol, and the implementation of the Emergency Medical Service System. In 1915, the Department changed over to a two-platoon system, requiring members to work a 12-hour day or 12-hour night shift for a total of 72 hours per week. Until then, members worked full-time with one day off per month and an occasional day or night off without pay. Because of their full-time status, firefighters lived in the engine
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The next rank is Engineer or the person who drives the engine. Next there are captains, inspectors, Battalion commander, division commander, Bureau commander, and Fire Chief. The Chain of Command is the formal path of communication through the organization. Like in the military, In the Los Angeles Fire Department each member answers to the member that is ranked above them. A firefighter can not go directly to the fire chief to discuss an issue, they must first talk to their captain. The Highest ranking firefighters are the Chief Officers, And for the LAFD these are Deputy Chief Phillip T. Fligiel of the central Bureau; Deputy Chief Daren Palacios, South Bureau; Deputy Chief Daryl Carbuthnott, Valley Bureau; Deputy Chief Joseph Castro, West Bureau. The fire Marshal is Chief Tonya Hoover, and the fire chief is Ralph M. Terrazas. I interviewed Captain Porter of Station 8, B platoon.
The reason I chose this fire department is because it is the biggest in the area. I expected a smaller department to be a bit boring, I assumed larger departments were more complex and had a lot more to offer. The Los Angeles Fire Department didn 't disappoint, they have a long history and a diverse set of vehicles and divisions specialized to deal with different hazardous

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