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  • Southport Volunteer Fire Department Analysis

    Currently the Southport volunteer fire department is experiencing major issues that are impacting the department. The department is struggling to figure out how to resolve major issues. These issues resolve around how can the volunteer fire department better serve the citizens in the Village of Southport and the Town of Fairfield. This requires the department to focus on working towards its mission and strategic goals. The mission of the fire department is to protect the lives and property of the residents and visitors of Southport, Fairfield and wherever else called upon to serve during times of need. As a result of working towards this mission three major issues exist. These include: (i) How does the Southport Volunteer Fire Department increase its number of volunteer firefighters?; (ii) How does the fire department increase the amount donations it receives on a yearly basis?; and (iiI) How does the fire department obtain the necessary funds for a new fire truck?.…

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  • Fire Service History

    Fire fighting is one of the world’s most honored but hazardous occupations. The fire service has changed so much over the years. With this change comes new ideas, issues and challenges, but the history remains glorious. The fire service is not a job it 's a calling. It takes bravery and courage. What makes this service a glorious calling is the history of it. This calling take a special persons to fulfill it. The service is one of sacrifice. “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay…

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  • Fire Department Swot Analysis

    Introduction The Southport Volunteer Fire Department is in great need of an overhaul of its outdated rules, regulations and policies. The department has witnessed over the past several years a serious decline in its membership and the ranks are growing thin due to older members retiring. In order to save the fire department, it was determined that the department could benefit greatly from doing a strategic plan. A strategic plan will result in the department overhauling, its outdated rules,…

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  • Social Club Case Study

    commenting on how my department has changed and resisted change in the past ten years by showing case effect through these three factors socialisation by the fire hall, Fire chief personality and fire department goals. The Bathurst fire department has always been a social club and since it was a composite department many of our members came from every walk of life as volunteers, we had mill workers, news anchors ,managers of companies just to name a few. And most of these members had no…

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  • Firefighting Function

    is more focused on larger scale types of emergencies requiring a Federal firefighting response. Fire…

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  • Community Risk Reduction Analysis

    occurring. This program the fire departments should implement will teach and show each hazard or dangerous area within their town. There are a variety of impacts that this program has to the community and fire department. In addition, creating a risk program will provide a strong and highly thought out strategy to tackle this situation. Also, fire departments have multiple resources to design a program that will show these problem areas, as well as, prepare the department to recognize how to…

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  • Incident Management System

    stated in the “Fire Officer Principles and Practice” textbook “the training required has become increasingly complex in a rapid manner due to the demand of expertise the job requires.” (Jones & Bartlett, 2010) Failure to display learned technicalities of the job can lead to loss of life and or property. In the event a responder death occurs it has a negative impact on the emergency operations, the organization, as well as the community it serves. This literature critique will help highlight the…

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  • Fire Chief Case Study

    I will be commenting on the following dilemma a fire chief than is working to serve his firefighters to protect the community versus a fire chief that works for the government to protect the community. I will indicate if this dilemma is true or false and why. Being a leader of a Fire service in any place in our modern world is no easy task with more and more being demanded from communities and less that governments want to provide the harder this task will become in the future. Through reading…

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  • Essay On Firefighting

    Do you know the history of fire fighting and the history of the gear that they wear? FireFighting has been around ever since fire was first used. Some of our founding fathers were fire fighters. Many of the elements of firefighting have evolved throughout its history, including equipment, trucks, and gear. Buildings often burned to the ground because the firefighters did not have all of the tools and gear that they do now “(login). “Firefighting can be traced back to Jamestown, Virginia the…

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  • Female Firefighters Essay

    Female Firefighters: Women in the Fire Service Female firefighters have been a fairly recent addition to the fire service. Firefighting was thought to be a man’s job. Since the Civil Rights Movement, female firefighters are becoming more and more common even though they currently only consist of about 3% of the entire fire service. The acceptance and proper treatment of female firefighters has been difficult over the past 50 years, but they continue to make headway. Gender bias and sexual…

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