Von Mises yield criterion

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  • Finite Element Analysis: Safe And Light Model

    their removal would not cause the structure to fail under loading. The horizontal struts were removed as well. The diagonal supports connecting the beam to the legs were also removed to reduce the mass of the structure. In the end of its design, the light model weighed lighter than the safe model while still meeting the design criteria. The parameters for the custom material used for the FEA were derived from the average values of the values published in the Level 2 section of the CES Edupack 2016 software. The range between the minimum and maximum values was large and choosing either of these values would result in an under or overestimation of the behaviour and properties of the structures. For instance, the published values for the Yield Strength of the material, Plywood, were 9 MPA (minimum) and 30 MPa (maximum). In this case, the average value, 19.5 MPa was used. Analysis Methodology Both models were simulated in a 3D-space hence, displacements and stress could translate or rotate in three directions. The fixtures in the simulator were set as the contact points between the bottom of the legs of the structure and the bench/table top. This meant that the assumption for the simulation was that the legs were fixed into the bench/table surface which is not the case. However, this limitation was taken into account went analysing the simulation results. The load for the simulation was set as the weight of the 18kg load (176.58N). The load was applied to only the contact…

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  • New Deal Vs Classical Liberalism

    In addition, both political practices promote the idea of limited regulation, as it hinders individuals from obtaining monetary success. During the emergence of neoliberalism, influential liberals such as Friedrich Hayek and Ludwig von Mises took the ideas of classical liberalism as a way to further express neoliberalism. In Hayek's Road to Serfdom, he proclaimed that centralized planning, also referred to as government intervention, is coercive power that limited the individual of obtaining…

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  • Industry Coercion Analysis

    Well, What about Industry Coercion? A common discussion within the political community is whether or not the state should have a role in its economy. Friedrich Hayek, a distinguished political philosopher, believes that free market capitalism is the most viable option as an economic system for a free society. He believes this due to the fact that it is possible for the state to be a coercive agent, which inhibits the most basic of human rights: freedom. Because of this, he does not think the…

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  • Classical Conservatism Analysis

    Modern society prefers allowing individuals to make their own choices as a result of liberalism. Modern society arose from traditional society. Some would go as far as saying that the industrial revolution was the mark at which most societies changed from traditional to modern. It can also be said that the industrial revolution marks the rise of capitalism which plays a big role in modern society. The industrial revolution allowed for a new quick and cheap way of producing goods allowing for a…

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  • Compare And Contrast Keynes And Hayek

    The Austrian business school of thought came about originally by Charles Merger whose ideas were taken up by Friedrich von Wieser. Wieser was Hayek’s direct mentor and the major influence in developing Hayek. Their ideas were different from some of the older economists that came before them, like David Ricardo when it came to things such as the labor theory of value. One important idea was that “value can be determined only by the subjective preferences of an individual mind.” (Steele) Merger…

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  • Comparison Of Capitalism And Socialism

    on government control, private property, and regulations and numerous other topics. Therefore, capitalism and socialism are two vastly different economic models creating components in each that are positive and negative. Capitalism has its benefits and downfalls as an economic model. What distinguishes capitalism from any other economic model is the lack of any government assistance in the economy; therefore, the economy is run by the supply and demand of the people. As said by Ludwig von Mises…

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