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  • The Ancient Chinese Abacus

    Before the abacus was devised, the ancients used their fingers, toes, twigs or counting table to count numbers. As the era goes, a counting device called abacus was created to count large numbers. Abacus, also known as ‘Suan Pan’ in Chinese, is an ancient Chinese educational implement used for fast and accurate calculations. The word ‘Abacus’ is derived from the Greek work ‘abax’, which means calculating board or calculating table (UCMAS, n.d., para. 1). The first Chinese abacus was invented around 500 B.C and it has over 1300 years of documented use (UCMAS, n.d., para. 1). The abacus is a tool that usually made out by wood and having a frame that holds rods with freely-sliding beads mounted on them (“The abacus”, n.d., para. 5). Hence, the…

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  • Case Study Of Crucial Conversation

    3. After taking your initial and subjective vote count and conducting a power analysis, create a political strategy for Dr. Baker to get four votes (without irritating the President who hates political manipulation). Also remember in your political strategy that Dr. Baker is not supposed to interfere with the self-¬directed work team process. Think about tools of persuasion and coalition building. In order to select a wining coalition, Baker needs to map the political terrain in conjunction…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Electronic Voting

    Voting has become a vital part of our civic responsibility in the United States of America. The participation of citizens to vote allows them to decide whom they want to run our country. It gives them a voice in the electoral process, which is important because it ultimately affects their life. Although our government has changed and progressed over the years—women now have the right to vote, the right to vote begins at the age of eighteen, and any individual can vote regardless of race—there…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Voting In The United States

    In todays day and age, their are many new technologies being created everyday. one of those somewhat new , modern advancements in technology is electronic voting machines. Nowadays their is so many new forms of technology in this world. When it comes to voting, it is hard to tell which methods are best to go by. One method of voting, which has been around for a long time in our voting system, more commonly know in the United States than the newer, more technologic electronic voting machines are…

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  • Should People Be Allowed To Vote Essay

    over and they can vote nevertheless there are 76.5 million kids 17 and under who can not vote.There are 130 million people who voted in 2012 and if we had kids 17 and under vote it could go up 1 vote to 76 million more votes just on letting kids vote that could bring up to 200 million more votes. If they let kids vote.“Before the vietnam war was going on the age for voting was 21, nevertheless when the war of vietnam came they lowered the voting age to 18”. Which we have done this before in the…

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  • Similarities Between Concerts And Antonio Vivaldi

    Concerts Across Time Some would say “they don’t make music like they use to”. What is the era of music are they referring to? Each person has a different view of what they refer to as the “Golden Age” of music. Music has certainly evolved from the Baroque period but after centuries of music development there is nothing wrong with sticking to the fundamentals that inspired musicians and composers for generations. In my Concerts Across Time paper I will be discussing the differences and…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Online Voting

    and they are still working out many of the kinks. The idea behind Internet voting is that it would provide a way to improve on many of the current voting methods by making the vote processing easier, making it more accessible to the electorate, providing secrecy and anonymity, and many more benefits. However, there are many experts who do not believe that Internet voting is a good method, at least in its current state. As it a relatively new voting method, it is expected that there will be some…

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  • Duggar Family Media Analysis

    Media Overview Media coverage of the Duggar family began with a one-hour special looking at the daily life for a large family: “14 and Pregnant Again.” A series of specials continuing the examination of the challenges of life for a large family followed. TLC began hosting a weekly show featuring the Duggar family in 2008; it began as “17 Kids & Counting,” progressed “18 Kids & Counting” in 2009, and has aired as “19 Kids & Counting” since 2010. Throughout the specials and the weekly…

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  • Touch Weekly: Helpful Or Harmful?

    Oprah Winfrey show prior to 2015, the InTouch story created the first viral telling [3]. Discovery Communications, the parent company of TLC, began their crisis communications in already hot water. The In Touch Weekly release happened to align with a 19 Kids and Counting marathon, which continued until late in the afternoon although the Duggars had responded within hours [4]. This analysis looks at the other actions taken by Discovery Communications and TLC following the public’s awareness of…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Electronic Voting

    emphasized his concern for vote manipulation in several “swing” states such as Pennsylvania. (cite) Although many of his thoughts are outlandish, this one in particular should be taken very seriously. Technology is expanding ever so vastly on a daily basis. Although, technology can be helpful it is also vulnerable. This concerns me in regards to presidential elections, and leaves me with the following questions; How easily can electronic votes be manipulated? How has technology contributed to…

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