The Pros And Cons Of Electronic Voting

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Voting has become a vital part of our civic responsibility in the United States of America. The participation of citizens to vote allows them to decide whom they want to run our country. It gives them a voice in the electoral process, which is important because it ultimately affects their life. Although our government has changed and progressed over the years—women now have the right to vote, the right to vote begins at the age of eighteen, and any individual can vote regardless of race—there are still many controversies we face today. One of those controversies has to do with the voting process. Election officials are considering becoming fully dependent on electronic voting, yet the process lacks sufficient attention to transparency and reliability (Mebane, 2008). Touch-screen machines used in the election need to be improved because of possible risks from hackings, virus attacks that change total votes, and invasion of private votes all may cause inaccuracy in the results of …show more content…
Until our government develops a more complex program and system that allows for safe and secure voting, our country will continue to run on distrustful, incorrect, and unwanted information and results. Additionally, there is an extreme need for all electronic voting machines to be updated in order meet the technological level of today’s society. Technology is always improving and changing and so must these machines. It is imperative to tackle these issues and make them a priority because the voices of citizens need to be heard. Voting is necessary as it allows citizens to participate in deciding what goes on in their life. It is a form of communicating with government officials our thoughts on education, security, safety, and more. In the past, many individuals did not receive the same voting privileges given today. Citizens must vote while they have the chance, but it is important that they feel safe enough to trust

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