Pros And Cons Of Mandatory Voting

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Voting: a Right or a Requirement?
Although only 60% of eligible voters vote, voting should be an option rather than a mandatory task. People have their reasons for voting and not voting, and they should be the ones to decide whether they want to or not, rather than forcing someone who isn’t educated in politics to vote, which could completely change the outcome of an election. Compulsory voting would be a bad idea as it would alter the results negatively by causing people who don’t care about politics to just vote for someone randomly, the idea itself is unconstitutional and against everything the document says, and it would just ruin the point of voting as results could end up being inaccurate.
Some people may argue that mandatory voting will
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The one thing that comes to people’s minds when they think America is freedom. If a person is not even able choose whether they want to participate in a vote or not, how is that freedom? “The president apparently does not believe that the right to speak, which is protected under the First Amendment, includes the right not to speak… and there is no question that we are speaking when we make our choices in the ballot booth.”(von Spakovsky). This quote really tells all that is wrong with compulsory voting. Freedom of speech gives Americans the right to speak their mind and express opinion, and it also gives them the right to keep their opinion to themself and do as they please. Forcing someone to make a decision is against the what the first amendment states and no one should be forced to speak or decide on something they don’t want to. The founding fathers had the right to vote made the way it is on purpose, so why change something that has been working fine for centuries? “A democratic type of government means that it was built on the basis of respecting basic human freedoms and rights, particularly free choice.” (13 Pros and Cons of Compulsory Voting). The U.S. government was built off of giving citizens their basic human rights and more freedom than other countries. A lot of the immigrants who came here did so to escape countries that don’t have much freedom. It may seem like a small thing to force people to vote, but even the slightest change can have a big impact. People deserve to have their right of free choice, and should not be forced to vote on something they don’t want

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