Pros And Cons Of Compulsory Voting In Australia

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Australia is one of the few developed nations which currently retains a compulsory voting system. As Australia is a liberal democratic nation there has been debate surrounding the freedom of choice to vote and the current compulsory voting system. A democratic system is defined as a system of government where the power lies within the people. The people have the ability to elect their representatives into Parliament through the process of regular elections. Though there may be few arguments against compulsory voting, there are numerous arguments in favour of compulsory voting. A main argument in favour of compulsory voting is that there will always be a legitimate representation in Parliament of people from all socioeconomic groups and the results will produce an absolute majority as every citizen votes.
In a democratic system of government there should be compulsory voting as it is a civil duty. It is a civic duty for citizens to vote for their
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As the system is compulsory the ballot form must be simple enough so people with all levels of education can complete the ballot and cast their vote (Library Council of NSW, 2013). Though compulsory voting has given disadvantaged groups the opportunity to vote by ensuring that everyone is able to there are issues with unresponsiveness in Australian politics. Australian political parties are unresponsive to the needs of Australians as people must vote for one representative. If voting were to become voluntary, parties and candidates would be forced to implement policies of merit to compel people to vote (Library Council of NSW, 2013). Compulsory voting ensures that candidates are addressing the needs of all voters in the electorate not only the wealthy and educated which insures that votes cast are representative of the

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