Advantages Of Internet Voting

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Dylan Bass
FSEM 132
Professor Nevison
Internet Voting

Internet voting is a type electronic voting in which voters submit their ballots, as shown by the name, by way of the Internet. There are many perceived advantages and potential issues to this method because of the simple fact that is so new and they are still working out many of the kinks. The idea behind Internet voting is that it would provide a way to improve on many of the current voting methods by making the vote processing easier, making it more accessible to the electorate, providing secrecy and anonymity, and many more benefits. However, there are many experts who do not believe that Internet voting is a good method, at least in its current state. As it a relatively new
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One main issue that is often expressed with Internet voting is that there is room for problems with security and ballot secrecy. “A Denial of Service attack occurs when so many corrupted computers attempt to access a website that legitimate users are unable to do so…there are documented instances of DDoS attacks, such as the massive 2007 DDoS attack on Estonia…” (Jones, 277). Many cite this reason and ones just like it as why Internet voting should not be used. In time, however, it is more than likely that developers will be able to make hacking the vote near impossible due to more firewalls and safeguards. R. Michael Alvarez suggests in his book that, “Part of the reason why people think that the Internet is not secure is that they read reports on the insecurity of corporate websites, which have proven especially vulnerable to attack. The problem exists, in part, because historically many corporations have not taken cybersecurity threats seriously” (Alvarez, 79). He is saying that people are extra-sensitive to using Internet voting because they are worried about the hacking that they have seen used on corporate websites, which are not as safeguarded as Internet voting. This is not to say that there is no risk, but people are definitely hypersensitive to hackers because of what they have seen happen to corporations. Another potential problem with Internet voting is that some people may not have access to Internet and computers, although they are very prevalent and easy to access in today’s world. There could be a person though who is very poor, does not own a computer, and does not have access to one nearby. In reality, there are very people in today’s world who do not personally own computers and in addition, do not have access to one nearby either at a public location such as a library or another person’s private computer, such

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