Fire Service History

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Fire fighting is one of the world’s most honored but hazardous occupations. The fire service has changed so much over the years. With this change comes new ideas, issues and challenges, but the history remains glorious. The fire service is not a job it 's a calling. It takes bravery and courage. What makes this service a glorious calling is the history of it. This calling take a special persons to fulfill it.
The service is one of sacrifice. “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” ("BibleGateway.") This very verse is a foundation in the fire service. One motto is that ‘they run in when other run out’. In order to understand why this service is glorious we need to understand the history of the fire
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Fire extinguish efforts were limited to buckets back than.
Back than a man would watch for fires. “If the men spotted a fire, they spun the rattles and then directed the formation of bucket brigades to put out the fire.”(Fire Services History) The bucket brigade was a few men and a bunch of buckets with water in them. These men would throw water on to the fire. This first organized firefighting forces in America was changed by Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin is given credit change the fire service in the US.
On a trip to Boston, Franklin saw the paid department and seen how prepare to fight fire that it was. “Goodwill and amateur firefighters were not enough, though. Franklin suggested a "Club or Society of active Men belonging to each Fire Engine; whose Business is to attend all Fires with it whenever they happen."”(US History.) Franklin created the first volunteer fire department in Philadelphia, 1735 in the US. This was important in the service’s history because of the number volunteer departments in the US
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“Franklin also sought to raise public awareness about the city 's dire need to improve fire-fighting techniques.”(US History.) Franklin created the first fire insurance company. These fire insurance company paid the department for their services, now a days each department tax there local districts. Franklin created the ISO(Insurance Service Office) rating which is still used today. Any fire department has an ISO rating, the fire tax is based off for that department 's ISO rating. There are many symbols that we use in the fire service

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